Matt Arnold

Marshall County has come a long way from its days being known for Bondo Alley and outlet malls. Today, advanced manufacturing and tourism drive our vibrant economy.

Throughout this time, the Marshall County Economic Development Council has worked hard to help facilitate this growth. By working to recruit new businesses, assist existing industries in their growth strategies, and promoting pro-business and pro-workforce development policies with local leadership, the MCEDC has been at the forefront of helping to direct much of the growth this county has seen in the past two decades.

The leadership of the MCEDC, while recognizing the achievements we have made, felt in 2020 that it was time to assess our mission and take the organization to the next level. That has led to the formation of our new imitative, Advancing Marshall County, One Vision—One Voice.

After receiving input from leaders in our business community, concerns for our future economic stability were clear. With an unemployment rate that hovers around 3%, companies have to fight to find talented workers. Traffic concerns, particularly along Highway 431 continue to be an impediment to economic development. And lack of adequate, affordable housing also continues to stunt growth in the area.

These, and other issues, cited by leadership, will be addressed as we move forward with this new initiative. The plan includes four Program of Work Initiatives; each with a specific mission, detailed objectives and measurable outcomes: Workforce Development, Targeted Industrial Recruitment, Existing Industry Support and Public Policy and Advocacy of issues that impact our ability to grow as a county.

Led by some of the top business leaders in Marshall County, this five-year initiative will create collaborative task force teams to address and bring solutions for issues we face as a county. This will not be an effort that will be conducted in a vacuum, but will, by the end of five years, have a tremendous impact on the issues that have been identified as impediments to continued growth.

We invite you to join in with us to help create a well-planned future for existing and new businesses to discover more opportunities and raise the quality of life for all of Marshall County’s local residents by creating the best environment for businesses and jobs to flourish! You can read more about this exciting new initiative by downloading our case statement brochure at our website:

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