Sheriff Phil Sims

Building a jail is never a popular idea among people. But neither is allowing repeat offenders back on the streets only to steal and break into houses, commit violent acts and keep breaking the law.

The Marshall County Jail just went through a major renovation that had to be done or risk the jail being shut down. A project that started before Covid estimated at $4 million soon ballooned to nearly $10 million due to Covid related issues, such as material supply issues, inflation, reduced labor availability, costs of steel and lumber rising to unprecedented levels and so on. Once demolition started, major problems were found hidden behind walls that were not previously known. I recommended a totally new jail be built and the existing be demolished, but the chairman thought the cost was too much and the decision to renovate without adding beds was made and to look at adding additional beds later. Throughout it all, we are now finished with the renovation and resolved everything but one thing, overcrowding.

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