Woke up this morning to a blue bird day, fish are biting, I heard other fishermen say. Hooked up my boat to my Toyota truck, headed to the lake to try my luck.

Started south on 431, hoping the biscuits at Keller’s, would be done. Got to the landing at Honeycomb Creek, a tournament going on, parking lot at its peak. Made it to the ramp, unloaded my boat, crossed my fingers, hoping she would float.

It’s an old homemade boat, and a 7 horse Mercury, without a choke. Pulled the cord, a dozen times or more, used the paddle to stay off the shore. Finally heard the engine crank, put her in gear, pulled away from the bank.

Made to my secret honey hole, picked up my reel and Shakespeare pole. After making several cast, had caught only a lure full of milfoil grass. Picked up my reel and Shakespeare pole, headed to Pumpkin Hollow, to another hole.

Guess it wasn’t my day, grass was everywhere, all in the way. Headed out to the main river, the crest of my wake, shinning like silver. Pulled into Hambrick, another hollow, a place where I had seen old bucket mouth wallow. A hollow where bass, bream, and crappie feed, as with Pumpkin, it was choked with weed.

So to the bluff at Goat Island I did speed, hoping to get away from the milfoil weed. In 50 feet of water, I knew it couldn’t grow, but the rest of the story, I guess you know. Broken off chunks of milfoil float, and head for your lines, off the side of the boat.

I know bass fishermen think, milfoil weed the greatest, but they have only seen the latest. If they had fished Guntersville in the early years, they would be like us old natives, holding back the tears.

I’ve been told that milfoil is here to stay, is there nothing that can be done….TVA?

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