Mike Ezell

The Alabama State Parks Mission statement is as follows: To acquire and preserve natural areas; to develop, furnish, operate and maintain recreational facilities, and to extend the public's knowledge of the state's natural environment.

We often think of it as a three legged stool, with each leg required to maintain stability in our service to the citizens of our state. Conservation, Recreation, and Education are all essential to the stewardship of the vast and abundant natural resources we have been blessed with. Every species, including us humans, play vital roles in the balance of nature that sustains the biological services we receive such as clean air, clean water, and fertile soil. Science and experience has shown us that proper management of these natural resources will repay us greatly with a high quality of life for ourselves and our descendants.

The interpretive staff at Lake Guntersville State Park wishes to invite all to our 4th annual Conservation Celebration on Saturday, Oct 19, at the Outdoor Classroom in our campground.

We truly celebrate our natural heritage and resources with campfire and Dutch oven cooking demonstrations, archery, Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics, birds of prey, reptiles, JSU field schools, and more. These events and others begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 3 p.m. in the afternoon.

There is a $2 parking fee for entry into our campground. Donations to our Nature Fund are appreciated! Grab your family and come on out, rain or shine, and join us in celebrating our natural heritage. We truly are abundantly blessed with the joys of nature. Come and celebrate these blessings with us!

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