Joe Cagle

Everything about last Saturday started out as usual for my bandmates and me. We all woke up in different cities and made plans to make it to the show in time to get a soundcheck done.

Except this time soundcheck wasn’t happening at a bar or restaurant one hour before the show. It was happening hours before we played on the biggest stage we’ve ever performed on.

We had the unbelievably good fortune to play at the new Sand Mountain Amphitheater in Albertville. The amphitheater is part of the new Sand Mountain Park complex and is very impressive to see if you haven’t made it out yet.

Country rockers "The Scooter Brown Band" played after "The Joe Cagle Band," with country superstar Tracy Lawrence following them. The whole day was a “pinch me” kind of moment for me and my bandmates.

We showed up the amphitheater around 3:30 for soundcheck. The whole band met at my house in Guntersville to come up with a way to carpool as much as possible. We came in through the RV park entrance off of Edmonson Street. The brand-new RV park sits in the shadows of the amphitheater and makes for an excellent camping venue.

Parked inside the fences of the amphitheater behind the stage were two massive tour buses, a large van with a trailer attached that read “Scooter Brown Band” and two 18-wheelers. I immediately felt like I was in the parking lot tailgating for a Dave Matthews Band show just hoping to get a glimpse of the band before they took the stage. Another one of those “pinch me” moments happened when I realized it was us taking the stage pretty soon.

I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting an actual look at the evolution of the music industry. The image in my head started with the big Tracy Lawrence tour buses then descended to the Scooter Brown Band rig before finally stopping at the Joe Cagle Band and all of its members climbing out of separate cars. I’m sure there’s a part of the Scooter Brown Band and Tracy Lawrence that misses the “good ole days.” If these are the good ole days for the Joe Cagle Band, then my plan is to soak it up.

Once we took the stage, there was a nervous energy flowing as we stared out on the biggest crowd we’ve ever played to. The nervousness was to be expected but the energy was provided by the dozens of people who came out to support us. They made their voices heard as soon as we took the stage and I’ll never forget the support we received that night.

The folks with Major League Fishing Anglers Association put on the concert and invited us to open the show. I will always be so grateful for their decision to take a chance on us. Everyone at MLFAA put a lot of hard work into making the whole day happen and it went great.

For the Joe Cagle Band, last Saturday night was a special moment and will probably go down as a key moment for us if we continue on this journey together. Regardless of what might happen down the road, the Sand Mountain Amphitheater is a special venue and all of Marshall County should be very proud of it.

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