It is that time of year again. Everyone it seems is on some type of diet or exercise program to lose weight.

Wait, I am wrong, now is the time when most people have already given up their New Year's resolutions. I know typically I have already given up mine, but not all of them. 

My daughter, Elise, is my motivation on staying on task. She and I registered for Scale Back Alabama on Monday and we have been working on eating better. We had already started on the keto diet a week prior to the weigh-in and were impressed by our losses. 

At the beginning of the year, we joined a gym and were faithful for about 2 weeks, but unfortunately, I had surgery on my foot and had to take little longer than a week off from the gym. I had the surgery on a Wednesday and we went back on Saturday, but we only worked on arms. 

We have been working on arms since then, but not as often as I would like. I am ready for my foot to heal so we can work on legs, but I will take what we can get. 

I write all of this to let you know that both of us have already lost weight on the diet. Elise has lost over 10 pounds and I have lost 8 exactly, but these pounds do not count towards our scale back. 

I am not recommending the diet to anyone, I am just letting you know that it has helped me lose some weight. It is hard and expensive. I say that, but it is not as bad as you might think. Our issue is we like snacks and you cannot have sweet snacks without it costing a lot to make. After you get the basic ingredients, it has not been too bad. 

Elise is excited that she is already seeing results. In fact, she tried on a pair of pants the size she typically wears and they were too big. It was an incredible feeling to see that she was able to lose the weight and we had not even been trying real hard yet. 

So, team Mayberry for the loss. We really hope to lose some weight and become healthier. 

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