Mike Ezell

Alabama is a state of amazing natural resources. Our home is blessed with an abundance of water, plants, animals, habitats, and types of geology.

Unlike neighboring states in the southeastern US, we have portions of five major geophysical regions that provide a geological tapestry of different soils and formations. Combine this with a warm and wet climate, throw in an abundance of time and the results are varieties of life forms that provide us amazing pleasure to view and explore.

By the numbers, we have 467 species of birds, 93 species of reptiles,62 species of mammals, 450 species of fish, 100 or so types of crawfish, 31 turtle species, 3,000 or so types of plants, and around 122+ different types of trees. I could go on and on, but you get my drift. Bottom line is we are a “Biological Superstar” and in the future, I’m sure more discoveries await us.

Some of these living things we consider beautiful, some downright disgusting, but all have their place and all have a job to do in keeping our natural areas functioning well. Mother Nature has a place for even turkey vultures, slugs, and mosquitoes, even if we don’t care to be around them and prefer wildflowers, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

As you gather with your families this holiday season, be grateful for the things outside your windows and doors that make living here special. We are blessed abundantly and it makes our time on this Earth more pleasant, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Be thankful and I’ll see you in the park.

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