Mike Ezell

Recently, Lake Guntersville State Park has partnered with Guntersville Recycling to offer the option of recycling to those who enjoy our recreational facilities.

A grant was received from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to assist in purchasing large, durable, recycling and garbage containers that keep contents dry and out of the reach of pesky animals. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Ms. Nicole Reyes for pursuing this grant and partnership.

Just as you see in downtown Guntersville, brown containers are for regular garbage, blue containers for recyclable materials. Due to the recreational nature of our facilities, we will recycle empty aluminum cans and empty plastic beverage containers.

This is where we, the recyclers come in. Please empty the can/bottle of any contents and place it in the proper receptacle. Any contamination or unauthorized product in the bag will force another human hand to have to remove it and reduces the value of the recycled product. Recycling only works if we all do our part and that means a bit of thinking and effort on each individual. To just dump something into a container without thought or the “someone else will sort it out” attitude does little to assist the reduction of space taken in landfills, which is the point of recycling.

I used to smooth my conscience with the “I recycle” thought. But, when you think about it, It takes all of us religiously practicing all three of the R’s, i.e., Recycling, Reducing our consumption , and Reusing items for other purposes. Generations before us were good at this, so let’s practice some of their tried and true ways.

Let's be good to our planet. It’s the most valuable thing we will leave to your kids and grandkids. The ball is in our court, let’s run with it! See you in the park!

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