The snakes were crawling on Georgia Mountain over the weekend. But some of them didn’t crawl for long.

I got off a little early Friday afternoon, came home and piled up in my chair for a bit of well-deserved rest. In just a few minutes, the dog started going crazy barking on the porch. Our daughter Anna went to see what he was barking at.

She returned with great haste and said, ‘There’s a snake on the porch!”

So I headed out.

An interesting scene lay before me. The dog was barking wildly and our cat Gray was crouched belly to the floor apparently trying to “charm” the snake.

The rat snake was having none of it and was not a happy camper.

I was once a “kill every snake you see” guy but I noticed a few years ago I just don’t see as many snakes as I used to. Unless it’s a poisonous snake and it’s close to the house, it gets a pass.

My wife Mary is still from the old school when it comes to snakes. She keeps a hoe on the porch for occasions just such as this. She wanted me to kill it but I told her I couldn’t do that.

I was going to just scoop the snake up with the hoe and deposit it in the woods. But he was angry.

He struck twice at the hoe and balled up. Scooping was now out of the question.

So I pinned his head down, caught him “behind the ears” with my hand and showed him to the daughter and the wife. Mary told me I was crazy but Anna humored me and made my photo holding the snake. I put it on social media for my friends to see and it got a few comments.

An interesting thing about rat snakes is they put off a terrible odor when frightened or mad and this one really smelled bad.

I’m a novice snake catcher. This was only my 3rd catch.

My mother Sandra Campbell saw the photo, told me I had to quit catching snakes and to please not do that any more. The very next day, she had her own snake encounter.

She does not share my sentiments when it comes to snake conservation. She came across a pile of snakes in her backyard not too far from her screened in porch. She did what any gal from the country would do. She backtracked to the garage, got her hoe and dispatched the snakes.

Then she called me.

“I’ve just killed 2 snakes in my yard,” she said. “It scared me a little, but I killed them.”

I had to go see. The story got even more interesting.

When I untangled the pile to see just what we had, it was 3 snakes, not 2.

Mama said crack, crack, crack.

I’m not sure what led to 3 snakes being in the same place in Mama’s yard at the same time, but they won’t make that mistake again. Mary and I figured 2 of them had to have been mating or something.

My little niece Tinsli Campbell was at Mom’s when all this went down and I think she got a kick out of it. I took her photo with the snakes.

I heard later that a friend on the other side of the mountain killed a rattlesnake just before all the snake business went down at our place. I sure am glad our snakes weren’t rattlers or copperheads.

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