Sara Watkins

My son will be turning 16 in September and his upcoming driving status is at the forefront of many of our family conversations as of late. As hard as it is to believe, our first-born will be driving on his own, and as terrifying as that sounds, I’m not exactly sad that there will be one more driver in our house soon.

I firmly believe all the sports, activities and different school car lines (never the same for my two children) of which we are involved have taken the sting out of dealing with a teenage driver. The fear and anxiety are still there, of course, but they drift happily to the back of my mind when I daydream about my chauffeur duties freeing up a bit just as a new school year begins. What will I even do with myself if I don’t have to drive to multiple schools and practices each afternoon? How will I cope if I am able to cut my errands in half by asking my son to take care of a few of them for me? It’s like gaining a very expensive, very nerve-wracking assistant. From everything I hear (and expect), though, it’s also very worth it.

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