Volunteers keep it real at the Marshall County Shelter.

The shelter is putting out a call for people to get involved in caring for the well-being of stray dogs awaiting adoption. The number of dogs brought to the shelter increases weekly, the need for help is serious. Can you help? These dogs need caring people now more than ever. The job of the Marshall County Shelter is to show love and compassion to these animals until a forever home is found. Can you help?

There’s plenty of work to do but not enough volunteers to do it. The Marshall County Shelter is looking for volunteers who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. On any given day, dog dishes and water bowls need to be washed and sanitized. Dog pens need to be cleaned. Hay needs to be laid down for bedding. Construction of raised dog houses are an urgent need. As recently as last week, volunteers worked diligently to build enough wooden stands that hold PVC housing protecting the dogs from the elements. Winter is coming!

The most rewarding and beneficial time at the shelter is when volunteers are with the dogs. Every dog needs love and hugs. One excellent way to get in shape is to take a dog on leash and give it a good run on a regular basis. The shelter has 4 acres of land to explore. Everyone benefits. Who knows, You may find just the right dog that will provide companionship for many years to come just by volunteering. Adopting a dog will change your world, and his. Guaranteed!

You can donate through Paypal at friendsofmarshallcountyanimals@gmail.com (a Paypal account isn't necessary) or you can mail a check to Friends of Marshall County Animals, P.O. Box 784, Albertville, AL 35950.

To volunteer, foster, or adopt a dog, contact Mary at 256-505-7730.

(Janice Pokorski, who grew up in Massachusetts, proudly calls Guntersville home now and enjoys submitting articles to the paper.)

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