Guntersville is FUNNERSVILLE! You know it’s true. And after all we have been through this year, we can all use some fun.

Whatever path brought us to our beautiful and caring community, we are so lucky to have Guntersville to enjoy and share.

Where can you go on the planet and find what we have here? The natural beauty of the largest lake in the South set in the foothills of the one of the oldest mountain chains in the world, a long summer season, but with a full measure of all the seasons, the warmest, most loving, kind, considerate, and gentle people that live.

Our home, our Guntersville, oh what a special place. All of these things as the backdrop for us to enjoy all of the fun and adventure you can stuff into a life. Think of the fun things you can choose from each and every wonderful summer day: going to the bat cave, cliff diving at Goat Island, rope swinging into the lake at rope swing island, enjoying the sunset from the shore or a boat, sharing the beauty of a campfire at night with friends and family, the wonder of a field or forest twinkling in the night with a thousand lightning bugs, walking on the walking trails, watching the bald eagles, visiting the state park, riding on a zip line, or fishing on the nation’s top rated fishing lake. Wow, I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the day.

When in Guntersville and people ask “What’s next?” You should answer, “More Fun, because Guntersville is FUNNERSVILLE!”

(In addition to being a part-time correspondent for The Advertiser-Gleam, Michael Kirkpatrick is the inspiration for a line of Guntersville themed T-shirts.)

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