Alder Spring Improvements

Alder Springs is making improvements to its community center. 

Alder Springs had their neighborhood watch and community meeting on Monday, April 15. At the meeting, they discussed the progress of the neighborhood watch and the upcoming block party.

The neighborhood watch is going great, said Shelia Banks, the vice president. At the meeting, they added four to six more drivers and discussed reporting what is seen. Banks said that some of the people are being rude towards the group, but the reason behind the community watch is to keep everyone safe and raise the standard of Alder Springs.

Nita Banks, the neighborhood watch captain, said that when she was six-years-old her family used to leave the front door unlocked when they went to bed; however, now she would not even dream of doing that because she does not feel as safe. She did say that she is feeling better about the neighborhood though and is excited about the progress they are making. She would like to get back to the feeling of comfort that she once had.

Shelia said that when a friend of hers moved to the neighborhood about 15 years ago, the friend called the area “the hood,” which hurt Shelia’s feelings. Although she did not do anything about it then, she still remembers it and is glad that she is doing something about it now.

At the first meeting, Shelia asked the people to raise their hands if they had been broken into and a lot of people’s arms went into the air. She said that she asked that at the last meeting and only one person raised their hands. That, to her, is showing improvements.

Alder Springs is making improvements to their community building as well. They have been working on painting and redoing a lot of the interior and exterior of the building. The kitchen area has been repainted, new cabinets and a stove has been installed along with electrical work.

They have been cleaning and remodeling the community building for some time. A sign has been ordered and the hopes are to have the building complete and sign placed by Thursday before the block party.

At the meeting, a discussion of a storm shelter and picnic tables were on the list of items that they would like to add to the community. They would like to have an area for clean, family fun in Alder Springs. Nita said that they have street lights now around the community building. She hopes that this will encourage people that want somewhere safe to walk at night to come to the community center.  

Alder Springs will be hosting a block party on Thursday, April 25. at 6 p.m. The gates open at 5 p.m. The event will be held between the fire hall and the community building. There will be handicap parking at the fire hall.

They request that you bring your own lawn chairs, blankets or something to sit on during the event. This event is free to attend, but they are accepting donations. All donations will go to the community center and for the neighborhood watch.

The event will have concession stand and no outside food or drinks are allowed. There will be absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds. 

For more information, contact Shelia Banks at 256-572-8969. 

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