Julie Smith and Bella Stevens, members of Guntersville Girl Scout Troup 10098, went to Washington D.C. to receive a Keep America Beautiful award.

Julie’s parents, Chris and Nicole Smith, her brother Peyton, grandparents Randy and Faye Smith and Bella’s mother Marissa Stevens went with them. Traveling with the group was Nicole Reyes, Guntersville recycling coordinator, and she received an award for the city. 

While in D.C. the group went to Congressman Aderholt’s office and he made arrangements for a tour of the White House and the Capitol. While there, they got to see the House session.

Howard Arledge is home after having surgery in the Huntsville Hospital. He’s in therapy at Therapy Plus at Marshall North. 

The Walley first cousins ate lunch at the Lake Guntersville State Park Valentine’s Day. Those attending were Charles and Patsy Walley, Billy and Jane Walley, Jean and James Isbell, Tempie and Ken Thompson, Patsy and Edgar Ballew, Mary Swords, Gaynell Burdett and Gail Weaver. The girls get together monthly for breakfast or lunch.

Ginger Mauldin is babysitting granddaughter Brynlee Sims. Mother Emily has gone back to work. Brynlee is the daughter of Jeff and Emily Sims.

Mervin Todd celebrated his birthday the evening of February 21 at the home of daughter Ginger and Randy Mauldin.  

Katy Todd is on the road again. She is working at the Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. Katy is a traveling nurse.  Her parents are Beth and Phillip Todd.



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