Marshall County’s fiscal year 2020 budget was approved, but not without some issues.

Chairman James Hutcheson said the budget had already been discussed and the numbers looked good. The budget had to be approved by Oct. 1.

The only issue was from District 3 Commissioner David Kelley. Kelley said he had an issue with Coroner Cody Nugent’s budget. He spoke about an article that ran in another newspaper. The issue, Kelley said, was that he felt Nugent put down the Commission in the article.

Kelley said the Commission knows that every department head wants more money. Money is not the only issue, Kelley said, but he wanted those in attendance to know he would vote for the budget but he suggested Nugent look closely at his budget for next year.

In 2019, the coroner’s office had $23,297 in its budget. The budget for 2020 is $43,647. Nugent said this increase is to cover some of the costs that he has coming out of his own pocket and to help buy some equipment. The supplies have always come out of the personal pocket of the coroner until this vote.

The coroner is not the only office to increase its budget. Many other offices increased their budget by several thousands of dollars. For instance, the Commission office increased its budget from $340,624 to $364,853.

Kelley made the motion to approve the fiscal year 2020 budget and District 2 Commissioner Rick Watson seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

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