All golfers will be interested to know that Henryville Methodist Church will be having its 22nd annual golf tournament on Friday, April 5, at Gunter’s Landing. For more information, call 256-582-2734 or 256-582-2194.

Bakers Chapel Church had a pot luck dinner immediately after service March 31. Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship.

Earnestine Martin has special family in this week from Opp, Alabama. Visiting her are Angela and Bryen, her great granddaughtes. Granddad Larry and wife took all out for steak supper in honor of Bryen’s 11th birthday.

Congratulations to Philip and Cynthia Cameron on their 29th wedding anniversary on March 29.

Trenton Moore is doing well in the Navy. Understandably, he is a little homesick.

Travis Moore is enjoying his temporary assignment to the Kwajalein Islands.

My neighbor Judy D. Sims was happy to have Brylee and Kinsley visiting Maw Maw (Judy) Saturday night and Sunday. They all came to visit me for awhile. Then Judy returned later with a good meal for me to have for supper. Also while here, she told me that in the near future she would be having an operation to repair a newly discovered aneurism. Please keep her in your prayers.

Good news! Clara Clark is doing very well right now.

Thank you to all who have called to ask how I am doing. I am still at home with my family’s help. I have finally gotten over my UTI and now am eagerly waiting for my favorite doctor to reschedule my Kyphoplasty procedure on lumbar 1 and 5. Thank you for your prayers for me.

Quote of the Week

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day – W. Earl Hall.

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