Nancy McCoy is back in the hospital in Huntsville. We are wishing her the best.

Frances Wrenn’s great granddaughter, Rachel Hess, and great-grandson, Emmett, age 2-1/2 months, have been visiting relatives in the area. They live in Lebanon, Indiana.

Barfield Health Care has 4 new patients: Donny Shaw, Alma Walker, Bertha Hunt and George Mayes.

The Barfield Health Care winners of the decorated door contest were 1st, Lela Malone; 2nd, Doris Wood; and 3rd, Karen Baker. Thank you for all your participation. All of you were good.

Kate Stewart and Catherine Cameron are both still having back problems. Have faith, girls, it will get better, so Delores Moore tells us.

Frances Wrenn has been sick with a virus.

Gene and Betty Clark of Lewis Mountain will be celebrating their 45th anniversary on January 11, 2019. They, along with family members and friends, will celebrate by going out to eat. The Clarks bought the John D. Gilbreath place at the top of the mountain and have made it into a lovely place.

The Clarks’ granddaughter, Alexis Clark, who attends Snead College, Is having a 21st birthday on January 20. To celebrate, they will have a small gathering at the home of Alexis with family and friends.

Leon McCoy had another brother to die. This one was Billy McCoy. Our sympathy goes out to the family.

Did You Know?

Ancient Chinese and Greeks discovered that certain rare stones, called lodestones, were to magically attract bits of iron and always pointed in the same direction when allowed to swing freely. Manmade magnets come in many shapes and sizes, but every magnet has a north pole and south pole. If you break a magnet into pieces, each piece, no matter how small, will have a north and south pole. The magnetic field, which every magnet creates, has long been used to harness energy, although scientists still don’t know for sure what it is.

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