Catherine Cameron had company from Mobile, her daughter Gail Zeigler and Gail’s friend Ethel Warren. They stayed from Wednesday until Sunday.

Nancy Graham visited also.

Catherine Cameron, Gail and Ethel made a trip to Bobby and Sandy Cameron;s home for the 4th for hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon and homemade ice cream. On the 5th, we got caught in the rain but we were able to stay dry. We went to eat and rode through the State Park.

Violet Heath had her family from Columbus, Mississippi, to celebrate her 82nd birthday on the 4th of July.

Judy D. Sims is still not felling well.

My niece from Huntsville, Sandy McElyea, visited on Saturday.

Another niece, Nancy Graham, visited another day.

Trenton Moore, who stationed in Groton, Connecticut, is home from the Navy for a few days.

Tim and Jennifer Hampton had a big cookout and swim party on the 4th.

Catherine Cameron, Gail and Ethel went to church services on Sunday at Bakers Chapel Baptist Church. Then they went to eat soGail and Ethel could get home to Mobile before dark.

Barfield Health Care’s new residents are Ronald Foster, William Dowdy, Peggy Echols, Bonnie Godwin, Beatrice Hayes, Linda Murray, Diane Patterson, Joan Plunkett and Eugene Whitaker.

Happy Parents Day is on Sunday, July 28.

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