Helen Cook brought my supper from the church last Wednesday night.

Violet Heath’s brother Lonzo Jacks is doing some better.

Francis Wynne is still improving from shoulder surgery. She is taking therapy for the shoulder.

Nancy McCoy is feeling some better. She is able to go to church.

Brenton Meeks graduated from DAR Saturday, May 18, 2019.

Richie Halliwell was 18 on the 10th and graduated from DAR on the 18th.

Decoration day was the first Saturday in May at Johnson Cemetery.

Dean Grayson went to Clouds Cove for decoration at Gibson Cemetery, where they have family buried.

Cindy and Doyle Crabtree brought Dean and Leon Grayson some fresh turnip greens and green onions.

There were some new girls at Delores Moore’s ukulele program at Bakers Chapel Baptist Church.

Catherine Cameron made a trip to the doctor this week. Sandy Cameron, my daughter in law, took me to the beauty shop. This lovely person scrubbed the bathroom, washed clothes and vacuumed even though she has a bad ankle.

My neighbor Buddy Alred died on Sunday night.

Bob Clayton died in Barfield Nursing Home.

Judy D. Sims had to make a trip to the doctor in Huntsville for shots in her back.

Lewis and Kate Stewart had a visit from their great grand baby, daddy, mom and brother from Norfolk, Virginia.

Violet Heath is having a problem with her knee. She has been to the doctor.

I was able to talk to Shirley Leslie on her 98th birthday on May 25, 2019.

Cecelia Isaiah Carlie and Walker Grizzard visited Dulcie Walls. They live in Morgan City.

Buddy Walker also visited Dulcie Walls.

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