Violet Heath and Frances Wrenn ate lunch with the Springers at Henryville United Methodist Church.

Bakers Chapel Baptist Church had a going away luncheon for Trenton Moore, who has enlisted in the U.s. Navy. He will be heading to Great Lakes Training Station in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Trenton Moore’s dad Travis is headed to the Kwajalein Islands for a temporary work assignment.

Barfield Health Care has 5 new residents: Ann Brown, Lawrence Humphrey, Billie Little, Billie Swords and Ruth Suiter.

Dulcie Walls had a visit from her niece, Bonnie Walker, who brought her some goodies to eat.

Catherine Cameron is at home waiting for a UTI to clear up so she can have another Kyphoplasty procedure.

Rodger and Joy Horton have a new great-grandson born in Washington, Illinois. His name is Jackie Horton. He is also the grandson of Matt and Gail Horton of Guntersville.

Violet Heath and Frances Wrenn at lunch with the Springers at the Pone in Scottsboro on Friday and then then went by and visited with Catherine Cameron.

Did You Know?

National Doctor’s Day in the United States was established to recognize their contribution to cociety and the local community. National Doctor’s Day falls on March 30th of each year and was first observed on March 30, 1983, by the Barrow County Alliance in Winder, Georgia.

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