The 3rd Sunday in May is the time for Decoration Day at Free Home Cemetery in Grant. Mildred Watson Bailey and her family always try to attend and decorate graves and clean. Then they go to the home of Mildred’s daughter, Tammy Evans of Watson Drive, and have lunch.

I attended church on Mother’s Day, May 10. I had missed several Sundays due to the virus and allergies. It was outside, as usual. My son, Phillip Cameron, paid me a visit on Mother’s Day. He brought me a rose and a card. Best of all, he went to the attic and brought down 5 things that had been stored. This was important to me, but I couldn’t do it. My other 2 kids called and send cards, etc.

My friend, Frances Wrenn, helped me to cut weeds, vines and trees in a flower bed. She did twice as much as I did.

My daughter, Gail Zeigler, who lives in Mobile, Alabama, mailed me a Mother’s Day card. It was stamped May 7, but it did not arrive until May 14. We have no clue where it had been those extra 4 days.

My beauty shop is open along with lots of others. My hairdresser told me that she could not take me on my usual day and time as she was trying to catch up. I told her that was fine, as my hair is clean, since I can do that. It doesn’t look good, but that can’t be helped.

Nancy McCoy is at home after 7 days in Huntsville Hospital. She is still weak. She received 4 units of blood while she was there.

The Senior Center is still serving meals. You have to drive to the entrance and they hand you a nice warm meal.

Deborah Moore had Mother’s Day supper at the home of Ricky and Ann Barnes of Grant, as her daughter, Ann Marie Barnes, was working. Her granddaughters, Mikayla Meeks, Savannah Moore and Ainsley Barnes cooked dinner for her on Friday.

Danny and Dana Jordan have a 5th grandchild. Their daughter and son-in-law, Lindsey and Matt Rigsby, have a new son, Wilder Lee. He joins an older brother, Finn, who is 2.

Delores Moore’s uncle, Dean King of Blount County, died. He was 87 years old

Rodger Horton of Burroughs Drive lost 8 stands of honey bees. He has no idea what happened to them. He had a lot of work and expense tied up in them.

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