My sister, Rena Hammett, who lives in Panama City, Florida, was not heard from for about 36 hours following the hurricane. We were really concerned. Finally, some family members were able to get through and on Saturday, they took her to the home of my daughter, Gail Zeigler. Rena chose not to evacuate. She did not receive much damage to her home. She has leukemia and is under a doctor’s care. Gail will find her an oncologist in Mobile.

Matt Rigsby of Claysville is one of the lineman from Guntersville going south to help. Violet Heath’s grandson, Brendon Nessell, works for an electric company and has been helping on the Carolina coast.

Catherine Cameron’s niece, Nancy Graham, paid her a visit. She lives in Birmingham.

Dean and Bobby Stewart and Eric Mason and a friend attended the Talladega car races.

Carolyn Cook’s sister-in-law Sherry and her husband Chuck Cliatt are building a house in Mexico Beach, Florida. From what they can hear, it is safe. There is much destruction in Mexico Beach.

Violet Heath, Becky, Wayne and Andy Whitaker attended the Jacks family reunion in Anniston. They were able to visit a lot of relatives.

Judy D. Sims and her granddaughter, Kinsley Sims, attended a bridal shower for her son Greg’s daughter, Jade Sims. Jade is marrying Devin Burks on Oct. 27 at The Promised Land wedding venue. The wedding shower was at the Rec Center in Grant on Saturday, Oct. 13.

Catherine Cameron had a surprise visit from her great-nephew, Austin Reid of Huntsville. Austin and his youth group from Jackson Way Baptist Church were on their way to witness at Talladega. They were providing water and food.

Did You Know?

A Norwegian inventor developed the technology that became the aerosol can in the 1900s. L’Oreal introduced its hairspray, Elnett, in the 1960s. The next year, Alberta VO5 introduced its version. In 1964, hairspray surpassed lipstick as women’s most popular cosmetic aid. Maybe it was because of the beehive hairdos that were popular at the time. In 1984, the hairspray on Michael Jackson’s hair ignited while he was rehearsing a commercial for Pepsi.

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