Jordaine Davidson and Maliyah Edwards were in the neighborhood selling candy for the school.

Violet Heath’s great grandson, Brendan Nessell, works with the electrical people near Columbus, Mississippi. His group was called to the Carolinas to help with the damage from the hurricane.

Judy D. Sims has been in the bed with the crud.

Wanda Poole is not feeling too well.

Violet Heath’s brother, Lonzo Jacks, has been transferred from the hospital to a therapy center.

Lyndsae Edwards had a birthday on September 22. The family celebrated at her Mom’s house in Grant.

Clara Clark is not feeling well. She was complaining about her garden not doing well, at all. Most everyone I have talked to has not had a good garden this year.

Frances Wrenn visited her daughter Kimberly Smith in Harvest, Alabama. Kim celebrated her 42nd birthday. Frances took her a birthday cake and flowers.

Catherine Cameron had a visit from her son, Phil Cameron, on Sunday afternoon. Later, Violet Heath came by, on her way to church.

I received a phone call from my niece, Glenda Cameron Potter, in Huntsville. Her husband, Clarence, is not doing well. He has heart trouble. She was checking on my family and kin.

I was told to watch “The Voice” this week. A young man, Colton Smith from Albertville, is to perform on the program.

Did You Know?

To unstick photos that have stuck together, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. Then use a butter knife to separate the photos. This will also work for stamps and envelopes.

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