Catherine Cameron had an enjoyable visit from Elizabeth Anderson Jeffiers, who lives in Taylorsville, Kentucky. She was born and raised near Swearengin, Alabama, the daughter of Audrey and Clyde Anderson. We visited about an hour and she brought a spoon for my collection. I had not seen her in 60 years.

Rodger Horton took his wife, Joy, out to eat for an early birthday, which will be October 2nd.

Most all of us were proud of the rain we received last week.

I saw Carol Martin in Guntersville last week. Her light had come on, telling her she had a low tire. It only had 10 pounds in it, but they could not find anything wrong with the tire.

I was told Juanita Smith of Bayshore Place had broken a leg in a fall. She is now in rehab.

Kate and Lewis Stewart’s niece, Gail Watkins, of Childersburg, spent three or four days with them. Kate is not doing well. She has swelling in her legs and feet.

Margaret Starnes fell and broke a leg. She is also in rehab.

Judy D. Sims kept her great grandchildren one day last week. They are Brylee and Addie Bell, daughters of Kinsley and Alex Bell.

Kate Stewart and her grandchildren, Cole and Keria, have a baby calico kitten, that they are raising on goat’s milk in a bottle.

Frances Wrenn of Grant has a granddaughter of Harvest, Alabama, who celebrated her 13th birthday. Her name is Lilly Smith and she had a spend the night party on Friday night.

Jacee White’s grandmother, Sandra Beaird, of Albertville, died.

Did You Know?

To remove odors from a plastic container or a musty-smelling book, put it in the freezer overnight and by morning they’ll be fresh again.

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