Deborah Moore spent some time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with her granddaughter, Mikayla Meeks. Her grandson, Brenton Meeks, took her and brought her home.

Nancy McCoy has spent some more time in the hospital. She received 4 more units of blood.

LuJane Mosley, a former resident of Claysville community, is having a birthday on the 19th.

Chris Stewart, son of Lewis and Kate Stewart, has bronchitis and sinusitis.

My niece, Nancy Gilbreath Graham of Guntersville and Birmingham, spent Labor Day weekend with her son, Jon Graham, her family, and part of her son Billy’s family. They spent some time boating on Lake Ray with signs of “VOTE TRUMP” on their boat. Jon is the mayor of Calera, Alabama.

Violet Heath had to have some repair work done on her cracked driveway.

Barfield Health Care reminds us to remember Grandparents Day, which I failed to get in last week. It was on September 13th. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared the first Sunday after Labor Day to be National Grandparents Day. I hope all of us grandparents enjoyed the day.

My good friend, Frances Wrenn, took me to the doctor last week. They gave me 2 injections and another antibiotic. This was the 3rd antibiotic I have had recently, so I am hoping it will get me over this bronchitis and sinusitis.

Leslie Moore babysat for her grandbaby, Gracie Moore, over the weekend. Gracie is the daughter of Lexie and Trenton Moore.

September is World Alzheimer's Month. There are not many families that are not affected or have never been affected by this disease. Scientists don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s disease, but they suspect it is a combination of many factors. There is no known cure, but experts think that lowering blood pressure, exercising and not smoking may reduce the risk.

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