Nancy McCoy broke her left foot in 3 places, when a vacuum cleaner fell on it. She is having to wear 2 boots.

Kate and Lewis Stewart’s niece Gail Watkins of Guntersville came for a visit.

Frances Wrenn had a birthday on Saturday, January 9th. Her daughters Kathryn Powell, Kimberley Smith and her granddaughter Lily Smith took her out to eat on Friday the 8th. Then, the group drove on to Gadsden to see the girl’s aunt, Martha King. Mrs. Martha is homebound and is in poor health. Frances’s son, Daniel, and his wife, Telah, took her out to eat on Sunday.

My daughter-in-law, Sandy Cameron, had a birthday on the 9th. Her husband, Bobby, and their son, Andy, cooked her lunch, which she enjoyed.

Nancy and Leon McCoy’s niece, Alecia Fortner, and her sons came from Tennessee for a short visit.

Kate Stewart fell in the dog pen and fell on her dog, a German shepherd. She hurt her knee alongside other places were bruised. The dog does not like her right now.

Rodger and Joy Horton’s son, Roger Horton Jr., and his son, Sammy of Washington, Illinois, have been in an ice storm. Trees were down and they lost power for 2 days.

Matthew Horton is to be in quarantine for 2 weeks. Someone he worked with came to work with COVID-19.

Chris Cornelius, son of the late Junior Cornelius, has been in a nursing facility for quite a while. He got the virus and the nursing home could not take him back until he was recovered. He was sent all the way to Montgomery to be in a hospital.

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