Joy Horton's oldest brother Leon Buell who lives in Chilocothe, Illinois, had to have heart bypass surgery. Leon's family has cold and flu symptoms.

Joy Horton fell on Saturday, January 19. Thankfully she only suffered bruises and soreness.

Please be in prayer for Lewis and Kate Stewart as Lewis has cancer on his eye.

Martha Ann Bundy is having a new roof put on her house.

Kay Anderton has returned from her trip to Arizona. She went to spend Christmas with her sister in Arizona. Betty Todd, her sister-in-law, took her to the airport for her trip and picked her up at the airport when she returned home.

On Friday, January 25, some parts of Claysville were without power for over an hour. Catherine Cameron happened to be one of those without power. Unfortunately, she was sitting in her lift chair in the reclined position and could not get out of it until the power came back on. 

An Alacare nurse visited Catherine Cameron Friday afternoon. They discussed her MRI results. She now has two more fractured vertebrae. You may recall on December 19 she had a Kyphoplasty procedure to fix vertebra number 3. She is now waiting on the call to know the time and place for a second Kyphoplasty surgery to fix vertebra numbers 5 and 1.

According to the Mayo Clinic site, Kyphoplasty uses special balloons to create spaces within the vertebra that are then filled with bone cement. Dr. John Boggess told Catherine Cameron about this procedure when she visited him with her first vertebra problem in December. She is thankful to Dr. "B" for all his help. 

Clara Clark is still under the weather with cold and flu symptoms.

Frances Wrenn and Betty Ratchford were highlighted in the Marshall 55 Gold Care magazine. 


Abraham Lincoln once said: "No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar."

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