It rained 3 nights out of 4 for Bakers Chapel Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School. All had an enjoyable time anyway. One night the electricity went out, so they went home early.

Delores Moore and her granddaughter Jacee White have been practicing with the ukulele and dulcimer groups at the Rec Center in Guntersville.

Joy and Rodger Horton’s son Chris Taylor is back at work after having some extensive tests done. Their grandson Matthew Horton is back at work after surgery.

Deborah Moore of Lewis Mountain has been real sick this past week.

Nancy McCoy is real excited that she was dismissed from her surgeon completely and another doctor doesn’t want to see for 6 months while another won’t see her for 3 months.

Violet Heath’s nephew Lee Heath of Anniston is having a serious surgery soon at UAB, involving the brain. Violet is very concerned.

Shirley Leslie, who is 99 years old, had to make a trip to her doctor recently. Her blood pressure was too high. She is now feeling better. Her granddaughter, Stephanie Osteen, still comes from the Decatur area and pays her bills and gets her groceries.

My dear neighbor of about 25 years, Judy D. Sims, is preparing for serious surgery. They have already delayed it 3 times. Now they are sending her to UAB to get the procedure done. She is getting ready to have a thoracic aorta aneurysm done. At first, the doctors said they would remove it when it grew to be 4 centimeters, but is has now reached over 5 centimeters.

My good friend at church, Delores Moore, brought me enough cooked green beans and fresh tomatoes for 3 meals. She likes to share her garden vegetables and I sure enjoy the benefits.

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