Bailee Chandler

Bailee Chandler

An Open Letter to my DAR Graduating Class

By Bailee Chandler

Dear DAR Class of 2019,

            Our last few days in these hallways have been bittersweet. The bitter: all of my friends that I’ve grown up with will be going their separate ways in just one short week, losing friends that feel more like family to me; all of the smiling faces I have seen more than my family’s in the last 8 months. It’s sad to think that I may never see some of you again, despite how much I may want to. That stuns me.

The sweet part is that we all get to spread our wings and soar out into the real world, and do things that we’ve dreamed of for the last four years.

As we reach the latter part of our senior year, I cannot help but think of all of the great times we’ve had together. Winning powder puff three years in a row, spending hours arguing over a homecoming float idea, and yelling the chorus to the desired alma mater at our last pep rally. The end is near, and it came quicker than we ever could have imagined. To the underclassmen that wish your high school days away, trust me, it really will end before you know it, so live it up while you can. Embrace every minute you have in our beloved school because once your time here is gone, you’ll find yourself wishing for five more minutes.

            Classmates, it is scary to think that next year we will all be so far away. We have all worked so hard for the last four years to get to the places we are going in a few short months. I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of each of you, classmates. I cannot wait to see where each and every one of you are and how much you grow the next four years. I hope we all cross paths again after graduation, the thought of all of us never being in the same place again is scary. For the last four years we have spent almost every day together, and it’s been my pleasure seeing you all grow as people.

(The DAR Class of 2019 graduates today, Saturday, at the Burkey Center.)

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