By Savannah Brown

Dr. Baker’s tenth grade American history class had a very interesting day on Tuesday, September 24. The class made colonial toys,called Whirligigs, from the 1800’s.

The class was learning about the lives of children in the colonial days. Then the students learned how to play with the toy. The toy consists of a piece of yarn and a circular wood ring. The objective of the toy is to get it to spin. When asked if the students enjoyed them, these were their responses:

Elizabeth Rice said, “No, it makes me mad because I can’t do it.”

Lela Latham said, “Yes, but I could not figure out how to work it.”

Samantha Pitts said, “It’s better than a fidget spinner!”

Overall, the class really enjoyed the project and it made class fun, while also learning.

DAR Homecoming Dance

By Savannah Brown

On Saturday, September 20, DAR’s Beta Club hosted a homecoming dance, themed as a tailgate party.

Many students came dressed in football jerseys and sport teams attire, while others showed up in beautiful dresses and suits. The dance started at 7 p.m. and ended at 10 p.m.

Justin Story said, “The dance has been very fun and the people who didn’t show up missed out.”

Brent Clements said it was super fun but wishes more people came. That was how many people at the dance felt - they had fun and the people who didn’t show up really missed out.

DAR’s Beta Club hopes to host a dance again next year.

Senior Spotlight:

Lauren Evett

By Kaitlyn Holland

With only eight months until graduation, Lauren Evett is eager to finish her senior year. Lauren only has one class on campus and the rest are taken through Northeast Community College.

Lauren looks up to Coach Holland, who is her favorite teacher, because he is kind and wants the best for his students. After Lauren graduates high school, she is unsure of what college she wants to attend, but she wants to major in dentistry.

On the weekends, she likes to hang out with her boyfriend, Ben Greene, and spend time with her family. In ten years Lauren wants to have her degree and be financially stable.

When it comes to her four years in high school, Lauren regrets nothing. She has loved every second of the four years in high school.

Senior Spotlight:

Nikole Binkley 

By Elizabeth Mitchell

Nikole Binkley is a senior at DAR High School. She lives with her dad and brother. She is involved in Beta, FCCLA, Drama, Leo, and National Honor Society.

Her favorite class is her senior project FCS class, because she gets to be a leader and role model for the underclassmen. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Clark, because she has helped her accomplish a lot in her high school years at DAR.

After high school, Nikole is planning on moving to Mobile, Alabama, going to college at U.S.A. to fulfill her dream to get a job as an occupational therapist, and then moving to Florida. Her favorite genre of music is country. Her hobbies are hanging with friends and spending time with her family. Her weekends consist of working at the Top o' the River restaurant.

One place that Nikole would like to travel is Australia, because she wants to see their culture and explore what it's like to live there. Her favorite high school memory is spending time with her friends and dressing up with them on the dress up days. She will remember the many laughs that they have shared throughout the years.

One thing she would change at our school is the dress code. One thing she regrets is not getting as involved as she should have done. One thing she would like to tell the underclassmen is to get involved in things and pay attention in class and respect the teachers. A class she wishes she would have taken was Med Prep at the Tech school. She is going to miss high school, along with all the people she has grown close to.

Senior Spotlight:

Jesse Brown 

By Savannah Brown

Jesse Brown is a senior at DAR High School. He does the Building Trades/Construction Class at the Tech School. Construction is his favorite class in school.

After high school, Jesse’s goal is to go to a trade college and then do construction work for his career. In the future, he hopes to own his own house, stay in Grant, and have a family.

His favorite high school memory has been the pep rallies. He is excited for graduation, but he is going to miss his friends.

Jesse hopes to travel to France one day, because he loves the pictures he has seen of that country. Jesse is a quiet, shy person, but once you get to know him, he is kind and very friendly.

Volleyball Team

By Elizabeth Mitchell

The volleyball team is doing the best they can this year and hope to make it to the finals competition. The team has had many fundraisers to help get better equipment for the team.

One of them was a serve-a-thon in which the girls had to make two hundred serves over the net. The girls were given money from the sponsors who paid a certain amount of money for the number of balls the team members served over the net during two practices.

Another fundraiser was with snap-raise, which is an online fundraiser which sends friends and family of team members an email and a link to donate money to help the volleyball team.

This year the varsity team has four seniors  - Mackenize Littrell plays middle, Alayna Rice plays outside hitter, Chloe Bearden plays setter, and Niah Stegeman also plays outside hitter. All the girls have played together since the 6th grade. The team’s first home game was Monday, September 16, against Randolph.

The team would like to see more students and community members come out and support them.

Teacher Feature:

Mrs. Jones

By Kaitlyn Holland

Sarah Jones is the newest math teacher at DAR. Mrs. Jones is split between the middle school and high school. In the morning she teaches high school geometry and in the afternoon she teaches regular eighth grade math.

She is also sponsoring the Peer Helpers at the high school this year. When asked if she liked being split between the two schools, she responded with how much she enjoyed switching because it gives her a lot of variety.

Mrs. Jones has always known she wanted to be a teacher since the 7th grade. But before she started teaching, she was a stay at home mom for 11 years. She started her teaching degree at Northeast Community College and finished at Athens State University.

Outside of school, she enjoys watching Netflix, playing co-ed softball, and watching her children play sports. Mrs. Jones is sponsoring the Peer Helpers at the high school this year.

Trail of Tears 

By Olivia Pool

I had an interesting weekend this past week. My friend, my pawpaw, my mawmaw, and I all went on the Trail of Tears.

We rode from Grant, Alabama, to Waterloo, Alabama. It was a long hot ride that lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. When we arrived in Waterloo, there were many food trucks and booths that were set up. There were also concerts and lots of different music playing with real Indians dancing.

I got to see some really nice motorcycles and one specific motorcycle was themed as the Joker. It was painted green and had Joker faces.

I got to see motorcycles that were three-wheeled and some had mini sets or compartments attached to the side. I also got to see police horses. That was the coolest part. When I got home, my body was pretty sore, but it was a fun and interesting event.

Coach Hicks

By Matthew Reeves

DAR’s newest agri-science teacher is Chris Hicks. He will be teaching Intro to Metal Fab, Greenhouse, and Agriculture. He is a graduate of New Hope High School and Athens State University and has been teaching for over 24 years.

Prior to teaching here at DAR, he taught in Madison County at New Hope High School. This is his fourth year at DAR, but his first year at the high school. He teaches agri-science to both high school and middle school students. During his education career, he has taught a variety of subjects including English, elementary PE, and health. He is also a high school baseball coach and middle-school football coach.

Coach Hicks is excited for the opportunity to be the new ag teacher, saying he really enjoys what he is doing there. He enjoys ag because he likes working outside and doing welding. He says the thing he is most looking forward to this year is rebuilding the FFA program and raising its numbers. He says that they are planning some great projects for students to work on and help the community.

He believes that FFA is teaching important leadership and work qualities and is a great opportunity for students. The students in the agri-science program are very excited about the new changes that Coach Hicks has brought to the program this year.


  • Juniors - Anyone interested in taking the PSAT on October 16 needs to sign up with Mr. Barnes. The cost is $17. We will open the opportunity up for sophomores on Oct. 1. There are only 25 slots.
  • Tennis tryouts will be held on October 16 at 2:30. A sign up sheet is in the office. A physical must be on file to tryout.
  • Harvest Festival is Thursday, October 3, from 5 to 8 p.m.
  • Fall Break is October 7-11.
  • The 95th annual Dedication Days will be October 17 and 18, with the basket lunch on October 18. The craft show sponsored by the art department will be October 17, 18, and 19 in the DPW gym.
  • The Beta Club induction ceremony will be Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 6:00 p.m. in the FCS classroom and kitchen.
  • The Beta Club is sponsoring “Socktober,” and collecting socks of all sizes for the homeless. Socks will be collected during the month of October and Patriot Points will be awarded to the class that collects the most socks. The collection boxes are in Mrs. Clark’s classroom.
  • ASVAB testing will be given on October 25. See Mr. Barnes or Mrs. Stanfield for more information.
  • The Haunted Hollow at Cathedral Caverns is October 12, 19, and 26. The cost is $10 and the tours are open from 6:00 - 11:00 p.m. See a band member for more information.


Oct. 2 – Haley Shaddix

Oct. 3 – Caleigh Walker, Morgan Gore

Oct. 4 – Alexia Sanchez, Katie Guffey, Juan Corona

Oct. 5 – Emma Malinowski, Anna Card

Oct. 7 – Stacy Gonzalez

Oct. 8 – Taylor Corbin, Bailee Sutphin, Connor Weems

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