Spanish Honors & Cake

By Cassadi Shadden

For those of you who have read my articles, you may remember one of my previous articles concerning DAR’s Spanish field trip. I would first like to start off my article with an apology, because in that specific article I wrote that I did not remember much from Spanish class besides the field trips, but that is not the case.

By that, I meant that the field trips are what I remember most, but I remember the beautiful language as well. A lot of you probably think this is not necessary to include in an article about Spanish Honor Society, but it is important to me because ever since that article, I have been worried I upset our Spanish teacher, Sherry Brown, who is the sweetest teacher I have ever met in my entire life.

It is also important because it lets everyone who is reading this know that I also learned a lot from taking Mrs. Brown’s Spanish I and II classes, and because I did do my best in her class, I am a member of my high school’s Spanish Honor Society. I was inducted into the society last year, and this year, with the help of some of my fellow Spanish Honor Society officers, I got to induct almost 15 new members.

It is no small accomplishment getting to be a member of the Spanish Honor Society either, because the requirements to be a member are that you must have taken Spanish I and II, and maintained an A average in both classes for the entire year.

My fellow students who were inducted were Riley Adair, Landon Jimmerson, Anabeth Dunaway, Maggie Mance, Cameron Cooper, Kristin Chandler, Aiden Green, Haley Baugh, Peyton Lankford, Hannah Benton, Jessica McGee, Haley Hughes, and Yanishka Burgos.

All the inductees got to participate in the traditional Spanish Honor Society induction ceremony, which consists of lighting candles and reading a special poem together in Spanish. The inductees are also awarded certificates and are congratulated by DAR High School principal, Stacy Anderton, for their achievement in the Spanish language. It might not sound like the party of the year, but it is a fun ceremony.

It is also very quiet and small, but in a good way. The ceremony takes place in the library, and there is no crowd of people to make anyone nervous, which I think makes it more special.

The ceremony is not just about those getting inducted into Spanish Honor Society, it is also about the senior members of the club as well. The ceremony was led by senior members and society officers, Annie McBride, Caitlin Wright, Alyssa Bolt, and myself. There were many other senior members in attendance too, because all the members of the Spanish Honor Society who will be graduating in May were awarded the honor cords they have earned for being in Spanish Honor Society. These cords are a special edition this year and quite pretty.

The officers of the Spanish Honor Society also got to help serve refreshments once everyone had been inducted, since no party can be complete without snacks. The Spanish Honor Society induction ceremony was then closed with some absolutely delicious cake that depicted the society’s emblem in cake icing, and yes, it was as good as it sounds.

Lowe Mill Trip

By Bekka Lennon

The KDS DAR Art Club went on a field trip to Lowe Mill. I asked some of the students who went on the trip what was their favorite thing they saw.

Most of the people said that the giant swing was the most fun thing there. The most unique thing to see was a guy who made ukuleles by hand and a dragon.

Lowe Mill is a former cotton mill located southwest of downtown Huntsville. Students get to see artists working on their art, and there are also some hands-on things to do at Lowe Mill.

Mu Alpha Theta

By Walker Brusch

Mu Alpha Theta selected 51 students to join their ranks in the math world.The students were recognized for their excellent behavior and excelling grades.

The students were asked to wear togas upon receiving their certificates thought their induction. Many students like Matthew Laski were excited to receive this honor.

He had this to say about it, “I study hard in all of my classes and I'm glad to receive this honor for math.”

Others had similar comments stating their happiness for being inducted.

Senior Spotlight

Katherine Saylor

By Kayleigh Lee

Katherine Saylor is a member of the Class of 2018 at KDS DAR High School. She resides with her parents and her younger brother, Kyle.

Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Weems and Mrs. Taylor because she thinks they’re the best teachers. When she’s not in school, she plays basketball and softball and hangs out with her friends. During her four years of high school, she’s been involved in varsity basketball, softball, Beta Club, Leo Club and Historical Society.

Her favorite high school memories consist of winning the area championship last year, building the homecoming float, and football games. Katherine regrets not putting more effort into her grades. If she could change anything about KDS DAR High School, it would be the fact that the central office has control over the air conditioning.

After graduation, she plans on studying biomedical science. Her bucket list consists of wanting to travel internationally. If she were on a deserted island, she would bring her cat, a book and a Mountain Dew.

Katherine Saylor would describe herself as athletic, driven and independent. Her advice for underclassmen is, “Dual enroll as many classes as you can. Enjoy time here while you have it, and don’t take anything for granted.”

Senior Spotlight

Kanndra Smith

By Kayleigh Lee

Kanndra Smith just completed grade twelve and resides with her mother and father. When it comes to the school, her favorite class is her technical class, Medical Prep.

Kanndra’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Daugette, because one of her favorite hobbies is reading. She also enjoys swimming, exploring and being creative. While Medical Prep is her favorite class, math is her least favorite, because it does not click with her, and it also doesn’t offer much for her career.

The thing she regrets about her past years in high school is not joining as many things as she thinks she should have, but she does not wish to redo anything. The only advice she has for underclassmen is to take things more serious while maintaining the ability to have fun like a kid.

The only thing that bothered her about high school was that there is a fishing team but not a swimming team. The only thing she would change about our school is the fact we don’t have a swimming team.

Her teachers would mostly describe her a logical, thoughtful and understanding. She is involved in HOSA, Historical Society, National Honor Society and track.

If Kanndra could go anywhere, she would want to go somewhere exotic. She thinks there are too many places to choose from to just choose one. If she were on a deserted island, she would bring a knife, a water filter and her boyfriend.

She envisions herself in the medical field in ten years. She spends her weekends working towards her goal and having fun. She would describe herself as vividly creative, humble, and logical. She thinks of her friends as rowdy with contagious laughs. Her bucket list consists of adventures and learning how to read a measuring tape.

Senior Spotlight

Sandra Spray

By Kayleigh Lee

Sandra Spray is a KDS DAR High School senior who resides with her mom, step dad, younger brother, and also her younger sister. Her favorite class is AP Literature because of all the reading they do, but her favorite teacher was Coach Keller because he was always there for her.

Her least favorite subject was math, because it’s not one of her strongest subjects. All throughout high school, Sandra has been involved in journalism, Leo Club, Historical Society and Prom Committee.

Her hobbies include reading, photography and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite high school memories are of all the pep rallies.

Sandra says that she wouldn’t change anything about our school, because she feels like the rules that are made help us get ready for jobs in the future. One thing she regrets during her high school experience is stressing over small things throughout the years.

Another thing she regrets is not dressing up on dress-up days, because she thinks that those days seemed fun. She also wishes she wouldn’t have homeschooled for half a year, because she missed a lot of memories with her friends.

After she graduates, she plans to attend college, and get a degree in mortuary science. In ten years, she sees herself having her own family and business.

Sandra’s idea of a best first date would be going out to eat and sitting in a car talking, or going to watch a movie. That way, she can get to know the person she’s on a date with. If she could have dinner with anyone, she would eat with Elvis, because she has always loved his music.

Her hero is her mom, because she helps Sandra with so much. Sometimes her mom goes without, so Sandra can have something. Sandra appreciates her mom and wants to be as strong as she is one day. One thing she wants to do before she dies is to go skydiving. If she were stuck on an island she would bring water, food and a companion.

Sandra describes herself as diligent, amiable and considerate, but her friends describe her as compassionate, courageous and adventurous.

Her advice for the underclassmen would be, “Always be involved in activities, because that’s what you’ll miss the most after you graduate, and always do your homework.”

Senior Spotlight

Hayden Rice

By Kayleigh Lee

Hayden Rice is a senior at KDS DAR High School. He resides with his mother. His favorite teacher is Zan Edmonds, who is the art teacher, because she is really laid back.

When Hayden isn’t in school, he likes to go to the beach or the lake. Hayden has been involved in Art Club, fishing team, and the Historical Society Club during his high school years.

However, if he could change anything about his high school experience, he wished he would have been more involved with the different types of clubs. His favorite high school memories consist of going on trips and spending time with his friends. If he could change anything about our school, he’d change the political views of everyone.

After he graduates, he plans to go to Northeast Community College. In ten years, he sees himself living on the beach with a great job.

His bucket list consists of wanting to live on the beach, earning a lot of money and becoming a scientist. His idea of a best first date is to go bowling. If he were on a deserted island, he would bring fishing supplies, water sources and a steel blade.

His friends would describe him as adventurous, funny, crazy, wild and determined. He describes himself as fun, crazy and passionate.

If he could eat with anyone, he’d eat with his dead grandfather, so he could ask him how the afterlife is. His advice for underclassmen is, ”Be ready for a lot of work!”

Senior Spotlight

Austin Self

By Kayleigh Lee

Austin Self is a new graduate of DAR who lives with his mom, step-dad, brother, and sister. His favorite teacher is Coach Holland, because Austin learns from how he teaches.

Austin's hobbies include sports and arts, and he was involved in varsity track. His favorite high school memories are the football games. If he could change anything about our school, it is the lunch room food and social classes.

After he graduates, he plans on going to college and work. His idea of a best first date is eating dinner and actually talking. He wants to see the seven wonders of the world.

Some adjectives his friends would use to describe him are crazy, nice, funny and smart. However, he’d describe himself as confusing yet nice.

His advice for the underclassmen is,”Don’t try to keep everyone happy, because your friends won’t be your friends by senior year.”

Senior Spotlight

Alexis Smith

By Kayleigh Lee

Alexis (Lexy) Smith is a newly graduated senior from KDS DAR High School. She typically enjoys making art, starting new projects and trying new things. On the weekends, she likes to spend her time at home.

Her teachers usually describe her as calm, quiet and hardworking. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Sutton, as she is considerate and always gives the best advice. Her favorite class in high school is art, where she can best show her creativity. Her least favorite class is math, because it is sometimes hard to focus after awhile.

She has been involved with the Art Club, Gaming Club and Leo Club. While she enjoys many things about the school, she thinks that she would change how school activities are funded so that all activities have equal funding.

One thing that worries her about high school is the transitioning from a teen to an adult who makes their own decisions. Some advice she might give underclassmen is to keep studying and never fall behind. One thing she regrets is not trying her best during her first year of high school. In ten years, she imagines herself with an animation career.

Alexis, who does a lot of daydreaming, would describe herself as easy going, imaginative, studious, honest and open minded. She usually hangs out with the "wallflowers" of the school, but they are all great friends.

Her friends usually call her sarcastic, creative, and someone who just likes likes to joke around. One day she hopes to visit Europe to compare and contrast how different their cultures are to ours.

If she were stranded on an island, she would bring a toolbox, a bottle of water and a friend. Her hero is herself, because there is no greater motivation than believing in yourself.

If she could have dinner with anyone, it would be Vincent Van Gogh, so he could see how appreciated he and his artwork are today.

Her idea of a best first date is something simple, like a walk in a park or being able to lounge at home. Before she leaves this Earth, she hopes to help work on a major animation project, like a Disney or a Pixar movie.


  • The Beta Club will be going to the National Beta Convention in Savannah, Georgia, June 16-21.
  • On June 25, the boys’ basketball team will be having a golf tournament as a fundraiser for the team. Contact Coach Kenny Downs for more information.
  • Senior portraits will be made on July 9. More information will be mailed to the upcoming seniors. The portrait schedule is also posted in the high school office.


The following students will be celebrating their birthdays in the coming days:

June 13 – Aalyiah Leonard

June 14 – Grayson Troup

June 15 – Cainan Doss, Kayleigh Lee

June 16 – Colby Martin

June 17 – Yani Burgos

June 18 – Randy Fuller

June 19 – Skyler Steele

June 21 – Bridgette Smith

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