Douglas Cheerleaders Sign with Snead

Aryn Adams and Leah Claborn are two of Douglas High School's cheerleaders who signed scholarships with Snead State Community College. 

Shown from left are:

Back - Ashley Norton (Aryn's mom), Cliff Adams (Aryn's dad), Amber Adams (Aryn's atepmom), Randall Adams (Aryn's grandfather), Mrs. Stapler (principal), Rylee Chaffin (DHS cheer coach), Amie Baker (DHS cheer coach), Adam Roden (Snead State cheer coach) and Quentin Claborn (Leah's dad).

Front - Faye Adams (Aryn's grandmother), Aryn Adams, Leah Claborn and Kathy Claborn (Leah Claborn's mom).

Two Douglass cheerleaders signed scholarships to cheer next year at Snead State Community College. These students are Aryn Adams and Leah Claborn.

The signing took place at the DHS library on May 9. 

Aryn Adams has cheered for 9 years and has been on the Douglas varsity cheerleading squad for the past 4 years. She was on the competition cheer team for three of those years.

Aryn plans to attend Snead State Community College to get her basics and then transfer to Jacksonville State University. Her intentions are to try out for JSU's cheer team and she plans on majoring in elementary education. Aryn has high hopes of coming back to Douglas to teach Kindergarten at Sloman Primary and to coach cheerleading.

Leah Claborn cheered one year in mini me and 3 years in peewee cheer when she was younger. She then moved up to the junior high division where she cheered for 2 years. She was able to skip junior varsity and went straight to varsity where she cheered for 4 years.

She will be a Snead State cheerleader and she plans to cheer for their school for one year as she finishes her associates degree. She plans on transferring to Jacksonville State University where she does not know if she will be cheering yet or not, but she does plan to study forensic science for at least two years.

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