Still looking for clerk

Douglas Mayor Corey Hill had hoped to make a recommendation for a new town clerk this month. 

However, he said Monday that he has received numerous applications and hopes to begin the interviewing process this week. He plans to have a recommendation for the position in July.

Town Clerk Debra Brown will retire Sept.1. She said she had hoped to continue working on a part-time basis for a short period, ensuring a smooth transition. But she said she has contacted the ethics board and has been told she would not be eligible to continue. She said there is a 2-year wait period. 

The Council hopes that making an appointment in July will give a new clerk adequate training time before she retires. 

Police Building

Mayor Hill said construction of a new building to house the police and ambulance service has hit a snag. 

He said the town has to have an approved set of blueprints and architectural renderings. The cost of these would be $30,000 to $40,000. 

He and other Council members are working to have that cost incorporated into the bid process, which could cut the price of the drawings approximately in half.

Mayor Hill wants to have that option available for further discussion next month. He doesn’t want to strap the town with too much debt, but with interest rates being low now, he said it is the time to look into the construction.

Other Business

The Council declared the town’s 2010 Dodge Charger police car as surplus and will seek to sell it.

The Council agreed to enter into agreement with Marshall County Court Referral Services (MCCRSI) to provide random drug tests for town employees. The cost is $25 per quarter, per employee.

The town will participated in the state back-to-school sales tax holiday Aug. 7-9.

The next meeting will be July 20 at 5:00.

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