The Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) from Douglas High School brought home two gold medals and one silver from Nationals in Anaheim, California. Tara Crumbley and Carlee Smith competed in interpersonal communications and brought home the gold medals, while Trinity Dowdey brought home silver for her chapter website.

Tara said that her favorite part of the trip was Knott’s Berry Farms. The reason it was her favorite is because she is a thrill seeker and the rides are much more adventurous than Disneyland. Her favorite ride was the GhostRider Wooden Roller Coaster.

Carlee said that she loved the Santa Monica Pier because she loved the vibe and the beach was just beautiful.

Trinity enjoyed the Santa Monica Pier, but she enjoyed the hike to the Hollywood sign as well. She did not believe that she would be able to do it because it was hard. She said that it ended up being a very fun experience and she was glad that they were able to do the hike.

The hike was about an 8-mile trek and the girls all were in agreement that they hurt afterwards. On the day they received their medals, Carlee said that she was still in some pain. This was four days after the hike. 

After the awards ceremony, Tara said that she was looking forward to the closing session because it would be her last one.

“If I am being honest, I was looking forward to the food,” Carlee said with a laugh.

Because it was Trinity’s first time at nationals, she was looking forward to the party following the closing session.

The girls said that the cost of everything in California was higher. Carlee mentioned was the cost of plastic bags. If you want a plastic bag, it cost 10 cents. They talked about the number of homeless people that were in the area. It was a lot more than they expected.

Of their competition, Tara said that she was super nervous. They had their standards set high and were set on meeting those, but they were worried. She said, luckily, they were able to bring home the gold.

Carlee said it feels great to be a two-time gold medalist. The girls also competed in last year’s national event in Atlanta and brought home gold. Their score this year was perfect: 90/90.

Trinity said that she was really proud of herself this year for getting a silver medal. This was her first year to compete and she is excited about the upcoming year.

“I will be working for gold next year,” she said. “I will be working even harder, but I am happy about silver. I was only two-points away from having gold.”

Tinzley Wilson, the FCCLA advisor at Douglas, wanted to let the girls know how proud she was and how grateful she was to be able to work with them this year. She is excited that her seniors both received gold and it showcased how great the program at Douglas is with two gold and one silver.

Wilson will no longer be the FCCLA advisor at Douglas. The Marshall County Board of Education accepted her resignation on July 3. She and her husband will be moving to Mobile to take new teaching jobs. She is excited about the move and hopes that Douglas will be able to find someone to replace her that loves FCCLA as much as she does. The members deserve someone who will help guide them to their full potential, she said.

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