The kids at Douglas Elementary School wrote letters to veterans to be passed out to the vets who attended the Douglas High Veterans Day program last week. 

Some of the letters were also being placed in care packages to give to servicemen who were unable to attend the ceremony in person because they are on active duty.

Counselor Misty Brothers picked out these letters to share with the community as representatives of all the letters that were written:

“I love America because you risk your life for the country! Y’all make it where we have freedom and don’t have to be slaves! Thank y’all! Everybody in the country is thankful for all of the veterans! Happy Veterans Day, I hope it’s the best!”  

Savannah Campbell, 5th grade

– – –

“I love America because the army served our country. Some of the veterans died and some survived to keep and protect our country free and safe. I want to thank all of you like the Marines, Army, and Military. I know that there is a lot of soldiers who died for us, so thank you for serving our country. God Bless America. U.S.A.”   

Logan Abernathy, 4th grade

– – –

“I love America because of the Army and Marines. Soldiers thank you for protecting our freedom. I’m very happy that y’all are protecting our country!”  

Carlie Camp, 3rd grade

– – –

“I love America because we have freedom and those who risk their lives to fight for America. I can’t thank you enough! Stay strong America. Thank you over 20 million times. Also thank you to God for protecting you during hard times. And remember that God loves you forever and ever.  

Sydnie Sanders, 4th grade

– – –

“I love America because it is a free country and the army protects us from harm and war. My dad is in the military. Right now he is in Tuscaloosa for the military. He does stuff on military devices that will help them. You inspire me to work in the Army.”  

Michael Wooten, 4th grade

– – –

“I love America because in America we have soldiers that we thank for protecting our freedom. Thank you for my freedom.”  

Toby Miller, 4th grade

– – –

“I love America because I was born in America and it’s my favorite place. It’s also very important to me. The Army keeps me safe and if it wasn’t for the Army, we wouldn’t be safe. I owe it to all of them, thank you.”  

Brenley Ragon, 3rd grade

– – –

“I love America because I was born here and I love you serving our country because it is our country. You risk your life to save our country. Thank you for giving us freedom. I wish you could be saved and your friends.”  

Crimson Sanders, 3rd grade 

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