These students made the honor roll for good grades at Douglas Elementary School for the first 9-weeks grading period. They’re listed by grade, then by homeroom teacher:


Tina Wright

All A’s – Bryleigh Rooks, Ismael Zamirippa, Hailey Young.

All A’s & B’s –Ansley Fugatt, Eric Guzman, Aaron Chase Lewis.

Carla Long

All A’s – Cooper Butler, Nathan Corkran-Pinyan, Ethan Harris, Leanna Lewis.

All A’s & B’s – Jerry Bigbee, Andrew Borbon, Marie Custodio, Grace Flemin, Xochilt Hernandez Alarcon, Tyler McCormick, Edwin Molina Tule, Thomas Shedd, Anthony Sparks, Perla Solis.

Angel Mozley

All A’s – Ximena Ayala.

All A’s & B’s – Brenden Bressett, Darleene Marquez, Jessie Kritner, Ivy Oroperza, Ramon Ramos, Jonathon Terrell, Baylee Thompson, Hunter Matthews, Alison Gonzalez.


Deb Seibenhener

All A’s – Preston Knight, Diego Martinez, Lily Peters, Tori Rojek.

All A’s & B’s – Jonathan Bryant, Jayce Cofield, Dalton Goble, Yadira Gonzalez, Brayan Lopez, Natalee Pettit, Curtis Rodriguez, Jaime Velazquez.

Lauren Sims

All A’s – Lily Brothers, Will Bishop, McKinnley George, Desiree Hillburn, Marissa Morris.

All A’s & B’s – Trace Alexander, Judah Bearden, Braxton Lindsey, Miriam Soriano.

Leanne Allen

All A’s – Charlie Ford, Trevor Glassco, Aylin Gonzalez Jarquin, Hunter Long, Mackinley Portillo, Noah Spears, Eli Teal, Lezlie Zavala-Bravo.

All A’s & B’s – Landon Abernathy, Pedro Andrews, Petrona Escobar, Alexander Lee, Keyan Rogers, Maria Soriano, Lucas Taylor.


Sonya Stewart

All A’s – Wesley Hawkins, Shadani Perez, Maydali Ramirez, Dylan Stone, Oscar Zavala.

All A’s & B’s –Anibal Berduo, Keana Cruz, Nayeli Diaz, Ivone Gonzalez, Erica Keel, Dawson Lassetar, Caleb McDaniel, Jesee McWhorter, Emily Phillips, Angalic Rolle, Devin Smith.

Tracy Sims

All A’s – Maddie Hayes, Davis Jackson, Jonathan Martinez, Gabriella Torres.

All A’s & B’s – Matthew Avans, Carlie Camp, Andy Cathey, Karlee Chamblee, Anna Gonzales, Kenya Sanchez.



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