For the first time in Douglas High School’s soccer program history, the boys team is in the playoffs.

Coach Terry Gilbreath said that they were matched up against a very good Crossville team and it was a very back and forth type of game. Crossville was able to get the lead with a quick goal, but DHS responded well. Johan Gonzalez was able to score one goal bringing the score to 1-1 at the half.

"Both teams came out the second half and I believe took their game to the next level,” he said. “Crossville was able to score the winning goal with about two minutes left on an indirect kick."

He said that despite that, the guys kept playing, and got two more shots off to try and tie the game. Nain Perez got a shot that hit the post. Gilbreath said that a couple of inches over and they would have been playing extra minutes. He believes that would have been fun to watch.

The loss ended the playoff run for the Eagles. 

“I am proud to coach a team that took the game down to the very end,” he said. “I talk to my guys all the time about playing the next play and they did that the whole game; I could not be prouder"

He said that the seniors have provided great leadership and have led the way. He said that he told them after the game they have taken the next step for the program.

He is excited about the young players that have joined the program and have only improved. He said the seniors have set the bar for what the younger players coming up need to embody. 

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