Hebron Fire

This house was totally engulfed in flames over the weekend. The house had been moved from Guntersville to Honeycomb in the 1990s and was once part of the Guntersville First United Methodist Church campus. 

A little piece of Marshall County history burned at Honeycomb last weekend. 

The house that burned was the former Guntersville First Methodist Church parsonage. Mike and Kathy Wooten moved the house from Guntersville to Honeycomb in 1995. It was moved from the church property to the Port of Guntersville, where it was placed on a barge and moved downriver. It was then trucked about a mile to its final destination.

The house was fully involved in flames when the Hebron Fire Department answered the fire call about 4:25 a.m. last Sunday morning. The house was just off Highway 431.

The house was a total loss and no one had lived in the location for some time, according to Bearden. The house has not had power to the location and the cause has yet to be determined. The fire is under investigation.

Bearden believes the house was too far gone prior to the 911 call even being made.

Moving the house in 1995 was a months-long process. Wooten himself did much of the work. 

The move took place in July and Mrs. Wooten said at the time "a big load" had been lifted from her husband once the barge trip was behind them.

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