On Thursday around 8:30 a.m., the Guntersville Farmer’s Market was a flourish of people and vendors. The main items being sold at the market are peaches, tomatoes, potatoes and squash. Some vendors accept Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) vouchers and some take WIC as well.

The first vendor was a re-seller from Dobbs Produce out of Blount County. Melvin Dobbs said that he will have peaches, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, watermelon and cantaloupe on Saturday. This is his first year at the Guntersville market and he said that it has been going well. He said that there could be more people coming in to buy their products, but it is getting better.

The second re-seller, Dan Pierce, is selling about the same produce as Dobbs. He has been at the Guntersville Farmer’s Market for five years. He said that he gets a lot of repeat customers but he also sees a lot of new faces as well. It has been going well this season and he is excited about the upcoming weeks.

The third vendor was an 84-year-old woman named Edna Smith. She owns and operates Smith Farm, which is 108 acres. She said that her birthday was just the other day and she definitely feels like she works on the farm. She has a table that she is able to accept SFMNP vouchers. The vouchers can be used on locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey and herbs. Her table had peas, green beans, scallop or Patty Pan squash, yellow squash, onions, corn and other items for sale.

Amy Willumson from Amy’s Wholesome Edibles makes an array of all types of products. She carries gluten free products and whole wheat products. Everything she makes is vegan, dairy free and plant based. There are no refined sugars. For sale she had coconut macaroons, crackers, raisin bread and wheat bread. She hopes to have some hamburger buns and dinner rolls soon, but she had sold out of those last Thursday. She only sells on Thursdays.

Tim Moses Green Acres Produce is out of Geraldine and he sells squash, tomatoes and zucchini. He normally has broccoli, cabbages, beets, and turnips. He is hoping soon that they will have some okra and cucumbers soon, but they are not ready yet. He also sales soaps and bath bombs.

Phillips Farm in Guntersville has onions, zucchini, squash, white and red potatoes for sale at the Farmer’s Market. Linette Phillips said that their farm is on the top of Georgia Mountain. She and her mother-in-law, Sen, sell a lot of items such as poke salat and baked goods. She said that she planted too late on some items so they will have more stuff coming in at a later time. The squash was doing well and then it slowed down. She said that she had to add in an irrigation system because of the lack of rain. The baked goods that Sen sells is banana bread with and without nuts, peach and strawberry breads along with cookies. She will have the baked goods at the farmer’s market on Saturday.

Manuel Wisener of Wisener Farm in Summit is selling peaches, cucumbers and squash. Right now, that is all they have, but he does plan to have some tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupes by July 4th. He said that by July he will have a lot more items to sell. He also accepts the SFMNP vouchers.

One of the last vendors on Thursday was from Joy’s Jungle in Grant. Rita Green sells candied onion, fresh potatoes, squash, cabbage, zucchini squash, ornamental peppers, banana pepper that is just starting to make along with some green tomatoes. Her mother, Joy Green, sells house plants, hanging plants, herbs, shade and sunshine plants, but mostly bedding plants. She does not have any cactus at the moment, but she should have some in the future.  

Faye Cryar, who is over the Farmer’s Market, also had a booth set up on Thursday and typically does on Saturday. She sells her produce from her farm, Cryar Farms. She has zucchini, squash, Patty Pan squash, jellies, jams, relishes, pickles and will have fried pies for sale as well.

“I get up at 4 o’clock to make the fried pies,” she said. “It is a big thing and a lot of people love them.”

She also has goatmilk soaps and herbal salves. She said that a lot of people are tending get away from the chemicals that are in lotions and salves and going more organic.

The Guntersville Farmer’s Market will have products for sale on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. For more information, contact Faye Cryar at 256-960-9487.

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