The Guntersville Department of Horticulture is working to set up a donated greenhouse at the public works building in Guntersville.

The Department of Horticulture works out of the Public Works building, and according to Horticulturist Wendy Walker, the department was started in 2001 as a desire of the City Tree Commission to have a department that would be responsible for beautification.

She said the department has grown over the years, and now maintains and does the landscaping work for all municipal buildings.

They originally received a donation of a greenhouse a few years ago around the time they were moving into a new building, and recently received the donation of an additional greenhouse by Terry and Jeri Lynn Daniels.

She said now that they have been in their current location for a few years, they decided on a location for the greenhouse, and are in the process of reconstructing it.

Due to space limitations, Walker said they have combined the two greenhouses into one larger one, but she said they might eventually try to put up another one.

She said that the department doesn’t currently grow anything themselves, but purchases what they need, so their hope with the greenhouse is to be able to store plants throughout the winter, and eventually have a place to grow their own.

“Our hope is that we can over-winter some of the things we haven’t been able to in the past since we didn’t have the facility to do so,” she said. “Initially, it will just be kind of a holding house, not really growing a whole lot of new things, but we hope to eventually expand to that.”

She said they will also build bins to hold materials like topsoil, sand and mulch so they will have them when they need them.

“We want everything we build out here to work well together,” she said.

Walker said having the greenhouse could also open up opportunities to involve the agriscience classes at Guntersville High School, and foster cooperation between those teachers and students, and the city department.

“We’re really excited about it,” she said.

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