Book Club

By Savanha Estes

The GMS book club meets once a week with Mrs. Samuels and Mrs. Calvert. Mrs. Samuels said, “The book club is open for anyone in the school.’’

This nine weeks they are reading the book “Wonder.” The author’s name is R.J. Palacio.

Carter Britt said, “The book is about this boy who goes to middle school and he has surgery on his face.” Ashton Storey said, “It is very hard for August to make friends but he makes some throughout the book.”

Carter said, “I joined book club because I want to share my love of reading with people.’’

Ashton is excited about the book because it deals with middle school kids who might be a little different and how important it is to care about others.

History Bee

By Riley Thomas

This year’s history bee at GMS this year was a huge success! Sixty-six students in grades six through eight qualified to compete at regionals March 5.

The history bee is a great way to test kids on their all-around social studies knowledge. The first round consisted of a 50-question, multiple-choice test. Students with the highest score out of each grade moved on to the second round. That round took place on the computer. Students again had 50 questions and a total of 20 minutes to finish.

Some students took their preparations very seriously. They made it a priority and used the prep materials provided by the History Bee organization and the materials purchased by the social studies teachers thanks to an Apple Grant they received to prepare.

Jessalyn Charles said she studied the whole week leading up to it with a study guide packet provided to her.

Chloe Sellers said, “I would love to participate again next year!”

The three social studies teachers at GMS are Tama Nunnelley, Patti Hancock, and Jennifer Teall, who is the sponsor of the History Bee. They worked very hard to make sure that all their children were excited and prepared.

Mrs. Teall said, “It is a perfect opportunity for students who love social studies to be able to compete and shine. We are extremely proud that so many of our students qualified for the next stage of the competition.”

Regional competition will be held at Hoover High School on March 5. Students who qualified will compete in various rounds, and the top scorers in each grade band will be invited to nationals.

In conclusion, GMS staff and kids love the History Bee. We cannot wait for regionals.

Reading is Important

By Chloe Sellers

In school or life reading is very important. At Guntersville Middle School, students are trying to read more. Many are setting goals, reading extra than required, and reading 20 minutes each night. There are many reasons you should read not just for education or while you are in school but for your entire life. Let’s look at some important facts about reading.

Just by reading 20 minutes a day during school days, you will have read 3,600 minutes for a whole school year. That will also mean you have read around 1,800,000 words a year. If a student reads only a minute or less each day, on the other hand, they only read for 180 minutes in an entire school year and only read 8,000 words. Which student will have the better vocabulary? Obviously, the student who reads more minutes each day will have a broader vocabulary, which will one day help that student be successful in life.

Instead of the 20 minutes you were going to use to take a nap, watch TV, or play on your phone you could have been productive.

Kennedy Brown loves to read. She said that it takes her all over the world and introduces her to all different types of people.

Aiden Roberts said that it is hard to put down a good book. “I always keep one with me so that when I am through with my work I can read.”

Gracie Harris says that reading is her favorite hobby and it is also preparing her for life after high school.

Reading really is the key to success.

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