Space & Rocket Center

8th Grader Jessie Coville met 3 astronauts and scientists while at the Space and Rocket Center during the 8th grade field trip sponsored by the apple foundation’s grant program. Jessie is second from the left. Dr. Don is on his right and on his left are Dr. Stuart and Dr. Campbell. Jessie said it was the best day ever.

An apple a day

By Chantel Eubanks & Victoria Hodges

Each year for the past 12 years, the citizens of Guntersville have come together to provide extra funding for special projects in the Guntersville City Schools.

Parents and business leaders in our city organized the Apple Foundation to help teachers offer engaging and rewarding activities for students to supplement their regular curriculum. The Apple Foundation accepts grant proposals from teachers each spring and at the end of the school year award thousands of dollars to the schools for programs that promote learning excellence. The Apple Foundation is a non-profit organization. They fund some truly unique educational opportunities at all of our schools.

Last year, the Apple Foundation awarded $60,556 in grants to 31 teachers in our schools. 6 of those were right here at GMS. The 6th grade math teachers were awarded grants to help them prepare the students for real life math and the way to increase their math skills and scores.

Kaygan Taylor said that she loved the things they are doing in math because it actually helps it to make sense.

Assistant principal Mr. Gibbs was award a grant to use with his SCORE program. SCORE is designed to promote leadership skills through science. Students are selected each 9 weeks to work with the fish tanks in the school.

“This provides them with knowledge of marine life, responsibility, and an activity that is enriching and inherently rewarding,” said Mr. Gibbs.

The teachers select students who have shown an interest in helping others and working on being responsible leaders.

Storm Thompson said he loves SCORE. “It has helped me to really focus on developing as a leader. I have learned a lot about how delicate marine life is and how important they are to our world.”

The 8th grade teachers wrote a grant for an educational field trip. For the past 2 years, the 8th graders have traveled to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville to view the exhibits, experience the space program, and interact with science and history.

“The kids really enjoyed learning about some of the scientific principles we teach them in a interactive and very real way,” said 8th grade science teacher, Carol Stanfield.

Celeste Stapler, engineering elective teacher said, “It is always a wonderful experience to provide students with an opportunity to visit someplace they might not have been to before that is right here in their own area.”

Jessie Coville said, “It was the experience of a lifetime. I got to perform a lot of experiments and see a lot of things, but my favorite part was getting to meet and have my picture taken with astronauts. It was an awesome day.”

Nurse Nabors was also awarded a grant. She used hers as a partnership with Marshall Medical Centers to sponsor a program for girls at GMS to improve their overall health.

Mrs. Tama Nunnelley, 6th grade social studies teacher, was awarded a grant to increase geographic literacy through the social studies. She is the sponsor of the geography bee and was able to purchase some study materials to help students who were really interested in the bee better prepare for it. Also, she was able to reward students for their participation and accomplishment with a luncheon after the bee.

She is conducting an activity later in the spring using geospatial skills the students have been learning all year. The GPS devices that she was able to order with her grant money will play an integral part in the students’ exploration of the area around the school and in analyzing spatial data.

“Geography is not just for social studies anymore. It is not just about learning capitals and countries. Today’s careers have such a base in geo-literacy that it is imperative that we teach students with this in mind. The grant has given me the opportunity to provide students with a basic beginning to understanding how these tools can be used,” said Matthew Brownlee.

Miller Kutner, and Lucas Colon all agreed that the materials got them motivated to learn and helped them to better understand the world.

Finally, the Fine Arts departments at GMS and GHS receive funds to help them host their annual play, which involves many students from GMS in various roles. Meg Walker said that she was so glad she got to be in the play this year. “It really changed how I look at plays and performances. When I see one, I know how much effort it took,” she said.

The Apple Foundation is in the midst of its spring fundraiser. They are hosting several events around town for the public to participate in raising money for this year’s grants. If you get a chance, check them out.

In the meantime, our teachers are working feverishly on grants for next year. We can’t wait to see what we get to do next year as a result of these grants.

8th grade update

By Madison Cook

Only one more 9 weeks and then we move on to the high school. Anticipation is high in 8th grade hall. But, we all know we still have a lot of work to do before we make the big move.

In 8th grade math, we are currently working with similar triangles. We look at the 180-degree triangles and see similarities.

Elizabeth Knight said, “These different types of triangles and how they are similar will help me because I plan on doing something in life that has a lot of math involved in it.”

In English we are peeking into the Challenge Of Comedy. We are seeing the different types of comedy and how to make people of all ages laugh through literature. Jordan Beasley said, “Some of the comedies we have read have been reading are really funny and actually make you laugh.”

In history, we have been studying Imperial China and we are learning how differently China developed as a culture and a nation. Michelle Patel said, “This chapter we are doing in history is my favorite. Ms. Hancock makes this unit so much fun because she talks about some really unique things like foot binding. It really gets my mind thinking about the different cultures.”

Shelby Hood says, “I really like history this year. It teaches us new things and stuff I was not sure about most of it. This 9 weeks has to be my favorite. It is so amazing learning about new cultures.”

In science, we are learning the periodic table of elements. We are learning the different elements, their symbols, and what they do. This week we are doing projects with the elements. Hannah Wildhagen said, “The periodic table is something I know I will need to know for high school science. It is the backbone of several science classes and I love it. I’ve known some of the elements, but now Mrs. Stanfield is helping me learn with these new flashcards.”

Just one more 9 weeks. We can do this.

7th grade update

By Avery Masdon

At GMS, the 7th grade students are currently working on new things to round out the school year. In math, English, civics and science we are all learning new things.

In math, we are learning how to properly determine probability. In English, we are learning about poetry and William Shakespeare. In social studies, we are learning the branches of government and the Bill of Rights. We are learning about the human body and how it cleans blood, digests food, breathes, and the types of blood in science.

Mamie Patton said, “I love learning about poetry because I am good at doing it and I enjoy learning how to do it even better.”

Reece McCauley said, “I definitely love science because the human body interests me.”

Sarah Fondren said, “Civics is my favorite because one day I want to be a part of the government system and might even run for office. And, one day we will all have the right to vote so it is important to learn about it now.”

Testing is coming sooner than expected. Everybody is working very hard like they have all year. In math and language arts we have taken practice tests to determine our strengths and weaknesses so we are worker hard to improve those areas that are weak. After school tutoring is offered in both those subjects for anyone needing extra help to prepare or even homework help.

This is an exciting 9 weeks…and our last as 7th graders.

6th grade update

By Anna Widner

It is the last 9 weeks here at GMS. The year has gone by so fast it is hard to believe. These are some of the things we will be doing in 6th grade for this last 9 weeks.

Coach Shelton said, “In math, 6th graders should look forward to the Aspire test. We will be doing two projects as well. One project will be about addition and multiplication properties and the last will have them making geometry mobiles. Also, the students will be learning surface area, geometry and dot plots. I’m looking forward to teaching geometry.”

Miss Humphries, a language arts teacher, said “We are going to be doing some class literature circles and group activities/projects which correlate with our books. I’m planning to do some fun projects in both our classroom and the library. We are going to be learning a lot about various subgenres of nonfiction and maybe even a few author studies. I enjoy all kinds of reading, and of course, I love teaching reading, but nonfiction is my favorite. We are also going to be continuing our study of expository writing, which is also another favorite of mine to teach.”

The science teacher, Ms. Latimer, said, ”The 6th graders should look forward to a few fun things. We will be learning about planetary systems so we are going to do a few labs and projects about that. One project will have us using adding machine tape to plot the location of the planets. Then we will recreate impact craters, using flour, sand and cocoa powder. Finally, we will excavate fossils from plaster rocks. My favorite things to teach are about the solar system.”

The history teacher, Mrs. Nunnelley, said, ”We are currently working on an educational pilot program where students play some educational games to see how it helps them to retain what they are learning in class. At the end of the project, we will get to keep the tablets that were sent to us to use in the pilot. That means we can do a lot more activities using the tablets at the end of the 9 weeks.

“This 9 weeks we will be studying the major wars of the 20th century and their impact on a changing America,” she said. “As part of this study, the students will create a digital map of WWII using data that they gather. Then, we will focus on events of the Cold War and the students will create a project about the culture and issues of each decade from 1950 to 2000.”


March - School wide coin drop for Child Advocacy Center

March 21-25 – Spring Break – no school

6th Grade

Ms. Humphries’ & Mrs. Samuels’ ELA students will need the book, “Where the Red Fern Grows,” after spring break. Book orders at the school will be placed Wed., March 16th, for the cost of $7. Students may purchase the book on their own or download it on their registered device.


April 1 – Students will meet during their grade level time.

6th grade - 1st and 2nd periods

7th grade - 6th and 7th periods

8th grade - 3rd and 4th periods

Majorette, Dance Line and Color Guard Try-outs

April 4-8  Majorette and Dance Line tryouts

April 18-22  Color Guard tryouts

We are meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for anyone who would like to practice.

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