Ms. Melanie Williamson

Ms. Melanie Williamson poses with her inspiration for sharing thanks with GMS students.

Thankful tree

By Kaylee Hasley & Rebekah Ward

Thanksgiving may be over, but we still have a lot to be thankful for at GMS. And, we are showing it on our Thankful Tree.

Our media aide, Mrs. Kim Calvert, and our long-term substitute for Mrs. Coby, Melanie Williamson, started a thankful tree in our school library. Students and teachers have been writing what they are most thankful for on a leaf cut out of construction paper. Then we tie the leaf to the tree with string and tape.

Obviously, the tree isn’t really a tree it’s just a few branches in a vase. But, it is the thought that counts.

Mrs. Calvert said, “It all started with Ms. Williamson. She thought it would be fun to create a thankful tree. Mrs. Calvert was so excited about the idea that she ran across the street (in the drizzling rain) to pick up sticks to put in the vase that she found. This does not surprise any of us about Mrs. Calvert.

Meanwhile, Ms. Williamson cut out several leaves from fall colored construction paper. The ladies said the thankful tree is a great way for “us to stop and reflect on the things we are thankful for every day and not just one day a year.” They also said the benefits of the tree are that “it allows us to share with others the things that make us the most thankful.”

Mrs. Calvert and Ms. Williamson are both very thankful for having “such wonderful friends and family.”

Emma Black said that her favorite thing about the tree is that it makes the library more festive and joyful. Jessica Talley said she liked having the thankful tree because she always likes to tell others that she appreciates them.

T.J Maddox said “I’m thankful for God giving me life and letting my parents be my parents. I am also thankful for having a house and family.”

Lydia Raulerson said she is thankful for her friends and family because they are always there when she needs them.

For a follow-up, the ladies built a Christmas tree in the media center out of library books. We are thankful for Mrs. Calvert and Ms. Williamson because they are so awesome and are always thinking of ways to make it a little more fun.

Tiki bar at GMS

By Cal Lane

We are all still stuffed from Thanksgiving, but not enough to keep us from enjoying one of the best things to come to GMS this year….A Tiki Bar in the lunchroom.

Most of us had heard about getting a different kind of lunch bar. None of us knew what kind it would be or what would be on it. We were happily surprised to come back to find a Tiki Bar in our lunchroom.

The Tiki Bar has a lot of interesting and different types of food on it every day.

Mrs. Black, our lunchroom manager, said, “We made the Tiki Bar to let students try new things that are healthy. My favorite thing on our Tiki Bar is the strawberry smoothie because I love the actual fruit in it. We are planning on making part of it a sub station were the students can make their own subs.”

Austin Brickey said, “I have loved the new Tiki bar at lunch, it has been awesome to be able to get smoothies every day at lunch. It was really cool the first day because the lunch ladies gave you a pink or blue necklace if you bought an item off of the bar.”

Hunter Lane said, “I have liked the Tiki Bar at lunch because it is very healthy and tastes really good at the same time. I have also liked it because it always has lots of healthy food.”

Sean Hinkle said, “I think the new Tiki Bar is awesome because if you are not in the mood for what is on the regular lunch bar you could get something else off of the Tiki Bar.”

Ben Fussell said, “I have enjoyed the Tiki Bar because of all the new choices we now have at lunch. To me, it almost is like a big buffet. It is almost like a restaurant because there are so many choices.”

Clay Adams said, “I liked the new Tiki Bar at lunch because it was a big surprise to me because I didn’t think we would ever get different flavored smoothies at school.”

Claire Davidson said, “I think the new Tiki Bar is really cool because it is all wrapped in flowers and cool colors, it brings lots of fun into the lunchroom. The food on it is also amazing and really good for you.”

All of the students and teachers are loving the Tiki Bar here at GMS.


Can-A-Thon – Bring cans for the school can-a-thon during the month of December. Help yourself while you help someone else. The media center will forgive any fines you owe on a book if you bring 2 cans to donate to the can-a-thon. Mr. Gibbs will give a HW pass to students who bring 5 cans.

Dec. 18 – Deadline to order yearbooks at $25. Purchase before that date and have your name entered in a drawing for a selfie-stick.  Price will increase after the deadline.

8th grade ads, text and pictures are all due to Mrs. Nunnelley by Dec. 18.

Semester Exams

Dec. 16 & 17 – Semester Exams (see related article for details).

Dec. 18 – Exam make-ups.

6th Grade

12/11 – Nunnelley – States re-test.

12/14 – Nunnelley – Test on The Industrial Age and An Urban Society.

12/15 – Nunnelley – Chapters 4 and 5 notebook “portfolios” due.


Art Club – Meets on Friday mornings at 7:00.


12/6 – Choral Christmas Concert – 7:00 PM at GHS.

New face

By Sarah Wright

This week’s teacher spotlight falls on a special addition to our school. She is not a full-time teacher. In fact, she will only be with us for a few more weeks. But in her time with us, she has become part of our GMS family and we appreciate all her hard work.

Ms. Melanie Williamson has plans on becoming a teacher. In the meantime, she has been subbing to help pay her way through school and to gain lots of experience at the same time.

She has been filling in as a long time substitute for Mrs. Coby, our regular media specialist. Mrs. Coby plans to return in January. Until then, Ms. Williamson is filling in and helping Mrs. Calvert with the vast task of managing our media center.

Ms. Williamson has been here since the middle of October. Her favorite part about GMS is …..everything. She says the atmosphere is fantastic and she loves all the teachers and students.

She will complete her teacher internship next semester, which is the final step before she receives her teaching certificate. Hopefully, she will have a job as a classroom teacher next school year. Her degree will be in elementary education. She went to school at Snead and now is at Athens State.

She likes to spend time with her family and friends. She has a 5-year old-son who is in kindergarten at GES. Also she loves to go to church and be involved there.

We are happy to have her here. She is a lot of fun and a huge help.

Semester exam plans

By Madison Cook & Brooke Sharp

In just a few short weeks the first semester will come to a close, but not before students take their semester exams.

This year there are lots of changes to how we will take exams at GMS. Below is our new policy for exams:

Students will take comprehensive semester exams in the following manner:

6th grade - Two core classes each semester

7th grade - All four core classes each semester

8th grade - All academic classes each semester

Students may exempt under the following conditions:

• The student must have an A average (90+) each 9 week term, no unexcused absences and no more than 2 excused absences; or

• The student must have a B average (80-89) each 9 week term, no unexcused absences and no more than one excused absence; or

• The student must have a C average( 70-79) each 9 week term, no unexcused absences and no excused absences.

• 8th grade students must take at least one core exam each semester, while 6th & 7th grade students may exempt all exams.

For exemption purposes, 3 unexcused tardies will count as 1 absence.  Also, exemptions apply on a per class basis.  Late check-ins and early check-outs will count as absences in the missed classes.

Students who are exempt may choose to take exams in order to improve their grades.

Semester exams will count as 20 percent of a student’s grade for the semester.

So, let’s get started preparing for those exams. Happy studying, GMS.

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