Brianna, Officer Nugent, Nurse Nabors

7th grader Brianna Lamons thanks Officer Nugent and Nurse Nabors for all they do to make the school safer and healthier.

Officer Nugent

By Kylie Niederbrach & Anna Widner

At GMS our resource officer, Officer Tim Nugent, is amazing! He loves us students and cares for us like we were his own kids. We asked him about being a police officer and to share with us a little about his life.

“As an officer, I have always felt motivated by working for something greater than myself,” he said. “Being a school resource officer during the school months is an awesome job. At the end of each day, I know my time and talents are being well spent. I feel great joy when I can help people and make them smile. When a student smiles, I feel I have had a positive impact on their lives in some way.”

Outside of school, he spends time with his family and also finds time to coach GMS softball. If he wasn’t a police officer, he says he would have loved to be a pediatrician or a cardiologist and help people in that way.

He enjoys fitness training, reading, especially the Bible, hunting, and fishing.

At GMS, we love our Officer Nugent!

GMS school nurse

By Jacob Hines

Here at GMS, our school nurse, Mrs. Nabors, has been working hard to treat our students and make sure they stay healthy.

She said that she loves her job very much.

She gets a lot of “office visits.” The most common school injury she sees are a strain.

Before she became a nurse at the school, she worked in the operating room and home health for a total of 16 years. She said she specializes in generalized nursing practice.

She has been married for 31 years. She has a daughter a son-in-law, and one grandson. Another grandchild is on the way in April.

There is never is typical day in the nurse’s office. Everything is new each day.

She she has been interested in the medical field her whole life. Her dream was to become a surgeon, but she still loves being a school nurse.

She enjoys helping children with their injuries. A lot of people may believe that being a surgeon or a dentist or a lab worker are the most challenging jobs in the medical field, but being a school nurse brings many challenges every day.

7th grade service

By Brianna Lamons & Emily Jones

Each grade is going to do a service project this year.

Mrs. Teall’s 7th grade social studies class always does a service project and one of the favorites is when they adopt a serviceman.

That is what we have just done. We have “adopted” a serviceman who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

His name is Dante and he is from Wisconsin. He is in the Air Force. Students have made thank you cards to send him and are bringing items to make a care package. We hope to send more than one package this year.

Students can bring an item from the wish list or can make something to send (draw a picture, write a poem, make a bracelet, etc).

Items on the wish list include granola bars, pretzels, beef jerky, gum, puzzle books, deodorant, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

We asked some students about their experience doing this. Coral DiMartino said, “It is important to send things to the soldiers in order to support them, because they protect us and our country. Also they might not have much considering that they are overseas.”

Atlee Griffin said, “The items I brought the soldier for our service project were toothbrushes, toothpaste, and some snacks.”

Addason King said, “My class did this service project to help a soldier who had fought for our country, so I think it makes it one of the most important things that we have done this year.”

Mrs. Teall teaches civics so she feels it is one way to understand a bit more about patriotism and the importance of our nation. “It is a great way for students to connect to real world issues and do something really nice for someone deserving.”

We hope that Dante and his fellow soldiers stay safe and enjoy the care packages!

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