Cheer tryouts

By Madison Cook

Tryouts have ended and practices have already started.

Next year’s GMS cheerleaders are already hard at work preparing to serve as our spirit leaders for the 2016-2017 school year. Tryouts were held just prior to spring break giving them the last few weeks to begin to prepare for camp and raise funds to pay expenses too.

The new cheerleaders are Hunter Lane, Addy Yancy, Annalise Stricklin, Ellie Campbell, Payton Tinsley, Katie Grace Segers, Breeana Carter, Jasey Wallace, Lindsey Vandergriff, Hadyn O’Neal and Mercedes Tilley.

Payton Tinsley said, “I decided to try out for cheerleading because it is my life and I have cheered for 7 years. I feel like I can be responsible in cheerleading by bringing all my materials to every game and/or practice.”

Addy Yancy said, “The cheer skills I have are: I can do all my jumps, I can tumble and I am very positive. My attitude during cheer is nothing but positive even in the roughest times. I was on the team last year. I tried out for GMS cheer again this year because I enjoy being on a team and being able to meet new people and passing on wisdom to the new cheerleaders.”

Jasey Wallace said, “I love supporting GMS sports teams. Responsibilities I have while doing cheer is having a good reputation as a leader, because if you do not, then it makes the whole squad look bad.”

Annalise Stricklin said, “I was a cheerleader last year, so it really helped me to gain some important skills. My cheer skills include: tumbling, being sharp and having sharp motions, being loud, and jumps.”

Mercedes Tilley said, “I want to try out for cheer because I have done it the past 5 years, and I love to do cheer and be loud. Gymnastics is a big part of my life so this is one way that I can use it. One of my skills is that I can do a roundoff-back handspring tuck/layout.”

We can’t wait to see their spirit at the games next year.

Mr. Bennett’s elective

By Cal Lane

This past year, the school has offered more electives for our students than ever. One popular one was a history elective. Mr. Elliott Bennett is the teacher.

Mr. Bennett said, “I have enjoyed this elective because I get to discuss in detail subjects taught in history classes. My elective is mostly about American history. I am a history buff so I have always thought teaching history would be fun. My favorite part of the elective was when I got to bring my WWII era plane into the classroom. For the rest of the year we will be studying about Vietnam and the U.S. Space program. Recently, we had a guest speaker come to talk about what it was like to serve and fight in the Vietnam War. It was an amazing opportunity for our students.”

Cade Moore said, “I picked this elective because I thought it would be fun and interesting to study. We take tests in the class but not very often.”

Rilee Burgett said, “I didn’t ask to be in the elective but I was put in it and I’m glad that I was. I have learned so much and it has been fun. It is one of my favorite electives now.

Dylan Watkins said, “This is my favorite elective I have ever been in because we are always doing fun group projects and we still learn things at the same time.”

Principal marks 2 yrs

By Sarah Wright &

Avery Masdon

Two years ago, at Guntersville Middle School, Mr. Jeff Jones was hired as our new principal.

We decided to learn a little more about his goals and plans for GMS and what he does when he is not at school.

Mr. Jones came to us from the county school system where he served in a variety of roles including principal. He said that he originally took the job at GMS because he wanted to have a great impact on schools and children here in Guntersville and that is was a great opportunity that he could not resist.

Mr. Jones said, “I really enjoy working here with great students and staff. For the rest of the school year I want each day to be better than the previous one. Also, we need to end the year even better than we started. We still have a lot to do. We have state testing and want to finish preparing our students for their next level of education.”

He has many activities that he is involved in outside of school. Currently, he is trying to learn about woodworking and building furniture.

“I also enjoy watching college sports, playing golf, and spending time on the lake,” he said.


By Chantel Eubanks & Victoria Hodges

April 14 - Progress Reports

April 11 - 5th grade visits GMS

6th Grade

April 12 - Nunnelley’s Great Depression Unit Due

7th Grade

May 6 - Croley - Novel Study due

8th Grade

April 15 - Ms. Clay from GHS will be here to talk to discuss 9th grade classes for next year. She will talk to 8th graders during Mrs. Stanfield’s classes.

April 22 - Ms. Clay from GHS will be here to discuss 4 year plans. She will talk to 8th graders during Ms. Hancock’s classes.

May 13 - 8th grade visits GHS in the morning

May 13 - 8th grade dance from 7:00-10:00


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-4:00. Students must be picked up at 4:00 at the front of the school.


Gifted will meet Friday April 15.

Students will meet during their grade level time.

6th grade - 1st and 2nd periods

7th grade - 6th and 7th periods

8th grade - 3rd and 4th periods

Color Guard Try-outs

April 18-22 - Color Guard tryouts, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school practice.

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