United Way

From left are sponsor Mary Dea Rains, Carrie Thomas of United Way, Beta officers Marrissa Garrison and Jane Hancock, and sponsor Laura Price.

Veterans Day

By Cal Lane

Guntersville Middle School is proud to have once again sponsored a special Veterans Day Program. It was held on November 10th, the day before we were out of school for that special day.

Veterans Day is a way that we can pay tribute to those who serve and have served in our nation’s armed forces. It was an honor to have those who have served visit with us for the program.

Taylee Middlebrooks said, “I enjoyed the program because it allowed us to honor our veterans.”

Chase Mims said, “My favorite part of the Veterans Day program was when they called the names of the veterans, because we recognized so many people we know and who are part of our families. I enjoyed the program because I love showing love.”

John Cowen said, “I enjoyed the program because I liked seeing the veterans. I was happy to give them support for serving in the armed forces. My favorite part was when the band played the Army songs and I got to see how talented the band was.”

Braden Holmes said, “My favorite part of the program was when the band played the theme songs for the military. I loved having this program because it made you think about all of what the veterans have done for our country. I am looking forward to having more Veterans Day Programs because I am interested to see what they will do in the future.”

Jesse Coville said, “My favorite part of the program was when they called the names of the veterans and introduced them to the school so we could thank them for serving our country. I enjoyed this program because it gave us a chance to honor the men and women who served in the military. It also allowed us to see how much the men and women of the armed forces sacrifice for us.”

Always helping

By Jackson Adcock & Caroline Kirk

Strong leadership, discipline, responsibility, and good grades...those are the characteristics of the members of the GMS Beta Club. The Beta Club at GMS is an honor club composed of students who excel across the board in those areas. Every year the 7th and 8th grade members of Beta participate in community service activities to raise money for worthy causes. Already this year, the Betas have donated money to a local organization.

$500 was donated to the United Way of Marshall County from the Guntersville Beta Club on November 6. The sponsors and leaders of the Beta club are Mary Dea Rains and Laura Price.

The National Beta Club is the “largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America, and for more than 80 years it has prepared today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.”

United Way is an agency that supports Girl Scouts, the American Red Cross, the Marshall County Foster and Adoptive Parents Association, Meals on Wheels, 4-H Club, the Child Advocacy Center and Hospice of Marshall County. United Way can make emergency assistance grants in situations that are not covered by other programs.

Beta President Marissa Garrison said, “The GMS Beta organization is proud to have been able to contribute money raised to such a worthy organization and to so many amazing programs.”

Vice-president Jane Hancock added, “It feels good to know that we have done something to help others right here in our own community.”

Book Club

By Brenna Marsinko

The GMS Book Club has become a popular club that encourages reading and learning. They met on November 6th and elected their officers.

The new officers are:

President – Bailey Smith

Vice president – Maddie Stott

Secretary – Braden Holmes

They will also have chairpersons for each book that the club reads. They will be in charge of leading an activity when the club finishes a book.  The first chairperson is Miller Kutner. He will be in charge of the Dec. 4 activity.

The club is also planning a Christmas party. President Bailey Smith said, “At the party, we will finish discussing the book and then we will enjoy good food, friendship and play board games.”

The next book they will read will be “The 5th Wave.”

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