8th grade update

By Chantel Eubanks & Reeya Patel

At GMS we have started a new 9 weeks and a new year! With those come all new assignments, activities and opportunities to learn. A few of the 8th grade teachers let us in on what they will be doing this 9 weeks.

Science - Carol Stanfield said, ”We will be studying waves for the 1st 2 weeks. Then, we will study the properties of matter (chemistry). I enjoy doing these things in class because it is primarily hands-on experiments. I think that you learn a lot from hands-on type of lessons. My favorite part will be when we study solutions. I like the experiments where you have to determine whether something is a pure substance or a solution. My goal is to make sure that the 8th graders get a basic understanding of the chemistry concepts they will need for GHS.”

Social studies - Patti Hancock said, “This 9 weeks we have done the Geography Bee. We are going to do the History Bee, study The Americas in ancient times, and learn about the ancient foundations of another world religion, Islam. 

“I enjoy doing those things with my classes. This 9 weeks I don’t have a favorite activity, but I’m certain that the students will like our activities.”

English Language Arts - Laura Price said, ”This 9 weeks my English class will be writing argumentative essays and having class debates. Having a debate is one of my most favorite activities. I love to see students begin to understand an effective argument. My goals this semester are to have my students prepared to create effective debates and effective argumentative essays.”

7th grade update

By Sissy Altimirano & Kaylee Hasley

The 7th grade is back in action for this 9 weeks. They are already taking tests and learning lots of important information in all of their classes. A couple of their teachers took time out of their schedule to share a few things about this 9 weeks with us.

Social studies – Mrs. Teall said, “We have competed in the National Geographic Bee and the History Bee. We finished geography before the break and now we are working on civics. In civics, we will learn about the branches of government, how they are formed and how they work. We will talk about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. This is a very important subject for students because one day they will become voters. Since this is an election year, it is very important for students to learn more about the government.”

Science – Mr. Hinkle said, “We are covering DNA, natural selection, and human body systems.  My favorite is human body systems because it relates directly to all of the students.”

It sounds like we are going to learn some important things that will help us with future careers as well as becoming good citizens during this 9 weeks.

6th grade update

By Anna Widner,

Kylie Niederbrach &

Rebekah Ward

6th grade teachers always have something exciting planned for their students. This semester is going to be even bigger than the last. We asked teachers about what we will be doing this semester, and they gave us some great information to pass along to our readers.

English Language Arts – Ms. Humphries and Mrs. Samuels teach this class, which is divided into blocks. This means that each teacher only teachers half of the 6th graders. Each teacher covers the same material with the same lessons. Ms. Humphries said, “For the first time, my classes have started literature circles. We will be reading both fiction and nonfiction books in our circles. My favorite thing this 9 weeks has definitely been our literature circles and reading groups. I am certainly passionate about my subject because it is integrated in all that we do, both as students and in life. We are planning to do a book project on our books at the end of the 9 weeks.”

Social studies - Mrs. Nunnelley shared, “We will be covering 1900 to modern America. I enjoy teaching students about the wars during this period. It is important for them to understand the sacrifices made by others for our freedom today. One project we will be doing is plotting historical information onto a digital map. This will allow students to gather and analyze relevant data and make some logical arguments about issues in history.”

Math – Mr. Shelton and Mrs. Greenwell are the 6th grade math teachers. Again, these subjects are blocked with each teacher covering the same material in similar ways. Mrs. Greenwell said, “In math we will look at units of measure and algebraic expressions. I’m excited to teach expressions. I love teaching math because it is challenging, but also very rewarding and needed for real life.”

Science - Ms. Latimer said, ”This semester we will be learning about the sun, earth, moon system and planetary system. I’m excited to teach about the moon phases. The students will really enjoy the lab for this unit as well. The reason I teach science is because it requires a very hands on approach. The inquiries we will be doing are tracking shadows and seasons.”

Several 6th graders shared with us some things that they enjoy about their classes. Alexyss Chambers said, “I like history because it’s educational and something we need to know.’’

Laura Claire Kirkland said, “I like science because we do lots of experiments.”

Abby Brown said, “I like history because it’s fun!”

Honoring Dr. King

By T.J. Maddox &

Ty Hanner

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, guest writers TJ Maddox and Ty Hanner wrote about the importance of his life.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born Jan. 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Ga. He was a Baptist minister, humanitarian, and civil rights leader. He helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963 in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

He moved to Montgomery where he became a minister and led the civil rights movement. He participated in peaceful marches. On many marches, he was met by violent resistance such as his Selma to Montgomery march in 1965. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through non-violent acts. In the years prior to his assassination in 1968, Dr. King also spoke against America’s involvement in the Vietnam War and against poverty in America.

He was married to Coretta Scott King and had 4 children who remained active in civil rights after his death.

In 1986, a national holiday was created to celebrate the date of his birth. Each year millions of Americans honor Dr. King and his work with remembrances and community service. This year several GMS students in the Lakeview community picked up litter and bagged recyclables in honor of his birthday.

His greatest legacy may be in his words, which still ring true today, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


By Sarah Wright

& Avery Masdon


Jan. 25 – Deadline to purchase a yearbook at $35.

Feb. 2 – Deadline for Apple Race Logo Design entries.  Contest info/guideline sheet can be picked up in the school office.

Feb. 11 – GMS Valentine’s Dance from 6:00-8:00.

Feb. 26/27 – “Beauty and The Beast” at 7:00 p.m. in the GHS auditorium.  Admission $5.

6th Grade

Jan. 26 – Latimer - Students need a manila file folder (can be used).

Jan. 29 – Latimer - Lessons 1-4 study guide Due.

Feb. 2 -- Latimer - Science test lessons 1-4.

7th Grade

Feb. 25 – Womac - Math test on activities 13 & 15.

8th Grade

March 9 – The 8th grade Space & Rocket Center field trip.

The cost to each student will be $8.  All money will be taken up between Feb. 8 and March 7 and not before.  Money should be turned in to your child’s math teacher, Mrs. Stapler or Mrs. Lemons.


Feb. 5  - Students will meet with Mrs. Zimmer during their grade level time.

6th grade - 1st & 2nd periods

7th grade - 6th & 7th periods

8th grade - 3rd & 4th periods.


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45- 4:00.

Mrs. Samuels - English/Language Arts

Ms. Stapler - Math

*Students must be picked up at 4:00 at the front of the school.


Mattress fundraiser Sunday, Jan. 31, from 11:00-5:00 at GHS.   For more information you can contact Lou Ann Woodard 11louann@charter.net or 256-302-5136.

Cheer Tryouts

Tryouts for the upcoming 2016-2017 season will be on March 11.

There will be a parent meeting on Feb. 11 in the Cherokee Elementary lunchroom at 6:00.

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