The Grant Town Council conducted its first monthly meeting of 2020 last Monday night.

Officiating the meeting was Mayor Larry Walker. Council members Jimmy Bradshaw, Jimmy Keller, Joe Frazier, Mack Rice, and Shawn Rice were present as was newly appointed Town Clerk, Mr. Phillip Goodson. The meeting opened with the invocation by Councilman Bradshaw then proceeded to the approval of last meeting’s minutes and accounts payable. The Council then discussed old business with continued discussion on several topics.

Library Board. The Council approved the appointment of Nell Massey to the Town Library Board following the resignation of Myra Morrison.

Resolution No. 229. The Council approved the provisions of Resolution No. 229 which established depositories for town funds. Accounts for the town have been opened at First National Bank and First Savings Bank. The resolution also established Phillip Goodson and Emily Looney as signatories for checks written on behalf of the town.

The Council also voted not to increase the salaries for town officials who will be elected in August and received for review the list of part-time town employees. The Council then moved on to new business.

Kidtopia. Councilman Shawn Rice reported that the new playground equipment for the Kidtopia area of the Town Park has arrived and is being stored until weather permits installation. The Grant Playground and Recreation Association is planning to install the new equipment for the rededication of the playground planned for on or about March 1 of this year. The Council also discussed the need for two new cameras to be installed at Kidtopia. Options for acquiring the new cameras were tabled until the next meeting.

Recreation Center. The Council discussed requiring patrons to wear only gym shoes while on the gym floor in an effort to preserve the surface. Details are forth coming. The Council also discussed ways to encourage additional use of the Recreation Center. Several options were brought up such as starting adult volleyball and pickleball leagues. The Council encourages the public to make recommendations to Town Hall for other uses for the Recreations Center.

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