United Way held its 22nd annual Day of Caring on Tuesday, Sept. 10. There were several locations in Guntersville that had volunteers help with various projects. 

Marshall County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) had 8 volunteers help unpack 500 chairs. The group also assembled chair dollies. These volunteers were at RSVP's new location that is yet to be opened to the public.

RSVP director Jean Ann Moon said RSVP had several items on the Day of Caring list of projects that took place. The events that took place for RSVP were unpacking and assembling the chairs, a bus and van wash, a reading buddies book drive, a collection of computer printer ink and a collection of books for the reading buddies.

At the new location of the RSVP, they ordered chairs for the large room. Moon was thrilled about the chairs being delivered Monday. They were supposed to be delivered on Friday, but she was glad that they arrived early.

These volunteers had agreed to unpack tables and chairs, but the tables are still on back order so they only unpacked the chairs. They loaded them onto dollies, then placed them in storage. 

The City of Guntersville was gracious enough to bring out a bin for recycling the boxes, but the plastic was not recyclable. 

At their other office behind Mike's Merchandise, they had another group of volunteers working on their vehicles. Propac Images was cleaning the van and bus owned by RSVP. The volunteers who cleaned the vehicles have been doing the Day of Caring for years.

Cindy said the reason she volunteers with United Way is because they take care of a lot of people in the community. 

"Your dollars are going to your neighbors," Jordan said. 

The group is happy to help and give assistance to RSVP. This project is the one that Propac chooses to do each year.  Colby Glassco said he has been doing it for five years, but his family and their company has been a part of United Way for over 20 years. 

This was the first year that the Guntersville City School's central office participated in an actual activity. They have and do participate in some other activities such as pacesetter and RSVP collection of books. 

The school staff worked at the Children's Advocacy Center doing some yard work such as cleaning out flower beds and cleaning out gutters. 

Child nutrition program director and community engagement director Julia Covention said this year they wanted to change up their way of participating. They wanted to be more involved physically and thought yard work would be good for the group. The central office wanted to do their volunteer work as a group. This helped build culture. 

This year they are working on two projects. The other project they are participating in is RSVP's Reading Buddies. They are purchasing books for the buddies to give to students at the end of the school year to promote summer reading. 

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