Have you ever heard of K-pop? What about a band called BTS? If you have not, Sophie Henry can tell you all about it.

Sophie is an upcoming fifth grader at Brindlee Mountain Elementary School. She has competed in several beauty contests and most may know her as “Little Miss Alabama” or as a singer, but some may know her as the Alabama girl that cried happy tears over a BTS surprise.

Sophie recently was seen on the popular show “Right This Minute” and the “Today Show” with the video of her crying over the tickets. Her mother said that they posted the video to “Right This Minute” and did not really think much of it going on television.

K-pop is a mix of Korean pop and English pop. There are several bands that fit into this category. BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a popular South Korean boy band with seven members. Sophie may be young, but she has an infatuation with this band and their culture.

April, Sophie’s mother, said she started receiving phone calls from Los Angeles and did not answer them at first. After several calls, she answered. It was from a company called Jukin Media and they wanted to buy the rights to the video. It was an ordeal on getting the video to them though because Brodie, her brother, was the one that took the video.

Brodie is under the age of 18, but technically the video was owned by him. His parents had to sign along with him on permission to use the video. Brodie joked with his parents about the video belonging to him.

“Hippity hoppity; that’s my property,” he told them.

While the video played on “Right This Minute,” April was able to record her reactions to seeing herself of television. April said that she sent that video in as well, because she thought the television program might like to see her reaction.

As for the “Today Show,” no one knew that she was going to be on it. April was taking Sophie for a doctor’s appointment when her phone was blowing up with texts and notifications. Once she was no longer driving, she checked her phone to see what the commotion was about. It was that Sophie was on the show. They were both so excited to know that she was on television again for her video.

The concert might have not been possible without her father and brother’s involvement in a competition for the school. Brodie is a part of the Scholars Bowl team at West Point, and their father, Lee, is the Scholars Bowl coach. West Point was invited to Chicago for a national competition. Lee and Brodie had been to Chicago before and Sophie has always wanted to go.

Sophie nor the other family members knew at the time that BTS would be in Chicago when they made plans for the family to go to the competition. April said that they found out that BTS was going to be in Chicago at the same time they would be there. She spoke with Lee and they knew that they had to get Sophie tickets.

April was glad that they made the decision because tickets literally sold out within minutes of going on sale. April and a few of their friends were on the internet attempting to get tickets.

April wanted to surprise Sophie while in Chicago with the tickets, but one night before going to bed, Sophie received a notification that told her BTS would be in Chicago on May 11. That is the day that her family would be up there. She ran to her parents’ bedroom and told them that BTS would be in Chicago.

After she asked, her dad took out the computer and showed her that the concert had already sold out. Her brother was filming the entire time. Lee said to Sophie after he showed that there were no tickets available, “I guess it’s a good thing that we already bought your tickets.”

Sophie broke down right there. She was so excited she could not hold back the tears. She could not believe that her parents bought the tickets. April pulled the tickets from her back pocket and showed them to Sophie.

“Are they real?” she questioned.

Her parents laughed and explained that they were indeed real tickets.  

While at the concert but before the concert began, April left to get some snacks for their group. She said that you could feel the excitement and nerves of all the people in the audience.

While April was gone to get some snacks, Sophie said that the whole crowd started to go left in the auditorium. There was a glass box above the audience and the crowd could see BTS and TXT standing at the box looking down at them before the concert. Sophie said that she believes they recorded that crowd and she thought it was cool that they did that.

TXT is another K-pop band, but they were not performing. They were there for a meet and greet.

Sophie said that her favorite part of the concert was watching RM, her favorite band member sing. RM’s real name is Kimnamjoon. She spent a lot of the concert yelling his name. April said that Sophie says his name all the time.

Her favorite song is “Dionysus,” but her favorite at the concert was “Boy with Luv.”

Sophie was so excited to go to the concert. Her mother thought that she would cry the moment she saw the boys in the band, but she held out for one song. April spent more time at the concert watching her daughter than she did watching the band sing.

Because of Sophie’s obsession, she is now learning to write and speak Korean. Lee bought her a book which will guide her into writing the basics. She is also using YouTube to help her learn to pronounce some of the words properly. Her family believes that it is good for her to be passionate about learning something new.

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